Alphabet Tagging Traffic Time

abcmeme.jpg The ABCs of Link Love could be in your future!

Anyone is free to participate in this Meme if this meme helps improve your Technorati authority for you and your Blog Buddies. My friend, DrowseyMonkey summed Meme tags up the best as being voluntary and no one should feel obligated to do them!

For me, this fun meme is like free advertising which is one way to meet new talented Bloggers all over the globe like RennyBA. RennyBA and I were introduced in the explosion of the Big Bang Meme.

DrowseyMonkey tagged me with the Alphabet Tag in her Unsolved Letter Mysteries hosted by the ghost of Robert Stack playing the Untouchables “U.”


1. Copy all the links below and replace your blog beside the appropriate letter. For example if your blog name starts with the letter “D” then replace the link beside “D” with yours, and put the replaced link at the bottom of the list. Also add the person who tagged you at the bottom of the list.

2. Tag at least 5 people and encourage them to take part of the game – tag blogs only and only those without bad rated material like pornographic, violence, racism etc.




D DrowseyMonkey

E Every Think and Anything Blog

F – a Free Spin for Vanna White?


G – 2H Hollydale Golf Notes






M Miss Moneypenny







S1 Speedcat Hollydale, Yes, I will Link back to You at the Letter’s S1 & G – 2H!

S2 Speedcat Secret Services, Does this take care of my Double Dutch Tag at Home Plate?

T TenaciousCreations







Replaced link:

Previous tagger: DrowseyMonkey who was tagged by the Ringtailed Squealers

Blogs I’m tagging (this is completely voluntary … so don’t feel obligated):

Inner Wall, The Blogging Minstrel on the Road of Life!
RennyBA’s Terella, The culture of Norway!
PoeARTica, The Artwork of Poetry!
Cheddarben, Comedy sometimes served with Sharp Cheddar!
Debo Hobo dot Com, Surprise Debo! You have entered the Twilight Zone of Debbie Dolphin’s Under-The-Cover Blog!

Since I love secret surprises, all my Blog Tags should appear on WTAR, on the web dial (Secret Service-speak for Technorati!).

Sponsor’s Closing Credits: This Meme was brought to you by the letter “Double You,” the letter created by the intoxicated linguist, Al Phabet!

Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. ROFL !!!!
    HA HA
    never been called a DOCTOR before….

  2. Hi Arty Poet!

    Welcome aboard the Alpha – Bet Cat in the Hat Meme!

    All Memes should come with a No Deadline and No Obligation guarantee so they are as fun to do as any other post is that we write at our convenience!

    MPS…LOL! You see, Doctor Laketrees, My Perky Self (MPS) is due to my Comical Intracranial Axis (CIA) Under-The-Cover work and sometimes my equilibrium becomes unbalanced by the swill which produces the other MPS (multiple personality syndrome) side effect! 🙂

  3. hello Miss MP…
    I am honoured to be a recipient of this ABC meme….
    will get it up and going as soon as my arm recovers from my recent list making duties over at laketrees…
    I am starting to seriously suspect that you and Speedy have MPS….
    (multiple personality syndrome)….I hear it can be aggravated by drinking swill !!

  4. Hi Hollywood Cats and Speedcathollydale!

    By George Dubya Double You, have you discovered the secret of Gravatars? 🙂

    We can add this You Tube Video Link to the Meme:

    Flatuous Fred Farte`hooten and tooten

    And, we can add a 4H G(olf) Blog Course Link, too! 🙂

  5. Look! Magical changing avatars …

  6. speedcathollydale

    Nobody meme’s like Moneypenny!
    I should have started a new blog, “Flatuous Fred Farte`hooten” and found a spot on the alphabet wheel o fortune. There, we light methane gasses in cities all across the globe.
    (My brother was famous for this in college)

    G2H is a fine addition … well I’ll say!!!!! “4!” Yhaaa hooooooo!

  7. Hi RennyBA!

    We hope Miss Moneypenny and my twin sister Debbie Dolphin didn’t confuse you, my friend?

    Miss Moneypenny is the secret code name of Debbie Dolphin from New England Lighthouse Treasures! We (RennyBA and Debbie Dolphin) were introduced in the Big Bang Meme.

    Thank you for bringing the culture of Norway to my Report, Secret Service (RSS) feed reader!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. Your contribution to the blogsphere is great and of course I feel flattered – what an endorsement – glad to meet you too!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂

  9. Hello Miss DM&M (Drowsey Meme Monkey)!

    Maybe, we can name the missing Blog, the F-spot until Capt. Wilton Parmenter of F Troop writes a blog about the secret peace treaty with the Hekawi! 🙂

    P.S. just in case, F-Spot is for Free Spot! 😉

  10. still no one for the f? lol. Love the Dr seus pic!

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