Great Lakes Water Pollution

Will Water Pollution save the Great Lake Fish population from the deadly viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) fish virus? The VHS virus does not affect humans.

The first confirmed isolation of VHS occurred in fish collected in 2003 in Lake St. Clair within the Great Lakes region, yet no disease outbreaks were evident in the Great Lakes until 2005. The Ebola-like disease common in Europe that now threatens to devastate fish populations across North America as well as the Great Lakes fishery, a $4.5 billion commercial and recreational industry.

On Mar 17, 2008, Four units of the National Park Service (NPS) on Lake Superior (Isle Royale National Park, Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores, and Grand Portage National Monument) and the Grand Portage Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa Indians approved a Lake Superior VHS Emergency Prevention & Response plan to protect the park and tribal fishery resources from the viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus.

The NPS plan outlines 16 steps to prevent VHS from entering Lake Superior which includes public education, prohibiting exchange of ballast water within park waters, and using fish bait Certified Disease Free.

Cartoonist Credit: Nate Beeler, The Washington Examiner, Washington, D.C. 03/10/2008 @ Editorial Cartoons by Nate Beeler –

Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. omg this didn’t help me with my project !
    ok so i have to odo it on Water Pollution in the Great Lakes ! if you have any help for me please say so !

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Bella,

      My Blog is about comedy, humor, Political Satire, and satire.

      I don’t understand why you or anyone would believe my Blog is a Research help blog.

      My posts are NOT intended to be resources for any in-depth research on any topic.

      Use a internet Search Engine like Google and Search for Great Lakes Water Quality.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! this website does not help me w/ my project!!!

    • Hi Bob,

      Sorry, my fishy satire isn’t the solution to the pollution. 😉

      • wow mrs moneypenny you are real funny but when can u get some info about the actual lakes and more comics

        • Miss Moneypenny

          Hi Koko,

          Thank you for your interest in my Blog.

          My blog was created to share my humor or highlight the humor of other cartoonists with my online friends.

          My blog was never intended to be a source of scientific information. Please use Google or Yahoo to search for the information you need.

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