The 36DD Stealth Brassiere Bomb Squadron

During this time of Global Donut Warfare, Miss Moneypenny has been training a secret defense squad under the command of Wing Commander Plenty O’Toole…

Loading Bra Bombardier

The 36DD Stealth Brassiere Bomb Squadron is Bra Battle Ready to defend New England using multiple pairs of B-52s!

Robert, flagged as “The Mole” in the above surveillance photo, was caught infiltrating my Bra Boot camp. Plenty O’Toole was filling her heavy hangers for a Bra Bomb training mission and was unable to detain The Mole.

According to a Traveling Black Brassiere, The Mole was last seen leading a Powdered Sugar Strike in Southern California. Olga posted her News Report after the Robert’s Powdered Sugar Strike which was too late to scramble my squadron of Naked Fanny Fighters!

Battle Update, 2244 hours May 7: the late night Bra Bombing Run to defend my Bra Mistress:
After dropping explosive Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger Bombs on Robert’s jet fighters near Chico, California, my Bra Angels hog tied Robert with my new secret security bra:

At the moment, Miss Moneypenny has been unable to reach Speedy Starbucks for comment on the Redneck Sugar Strike.

Battle Update, 0435 hours May 8: We have lost contact with Speedy Starbucks due to Sugar Whiteout conditions. Apparently, Robert planned a second sneak sugar strike on Hollydale with a secret Wing-nut leader. News Reports will be posted as soon as communications are restored!

Due to the Powdered Sugar Strike Storms, my “Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System” (FRACAS) is down causing breaking news to be slowly relayed to my news desk from the war correspondents on the front lines like the
Jelly Filled Fallout Report posted by Fracas on May 7, 2008 at 1145 hours about a nekkid Saskatchewan being sprayed with sprinkles!

Meanwhile, back at the Hollydale ranch Olga and Speedy were taking a Dunkin’ Donut break!

Battle Update, 2154 hours May 8: Since Plenty O’Toole captured Robert, we have not seen or heard from Crusty and Plenty O’Toole. Will a Under-The-Cover Black Brassiere volunteer to do some reconnaissance work?

Battle Update, 0129 hours May 9: Commander Speedy Bondcat 0007 reports that Wing Commander Plenty O’Toole has land safely at Hollydale International Airways and The Mole (Robert) was last seen in Chili!
Olga, the Traveling Black Brassiere presented Olga’s Golden Underwire of BRA-very Award to Miss Moneypenny for her dedication and the secret defense squadron!

Battle update, 1257 hours, May 9: Speedy Speedcat Hollydale was last seen at the PMS (Powdered Minnesotan Sugar) Golf Course planning his next move on the Canadian PSP (Powdered Sugar Planes) Air Force…

Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times


About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Olgattb,

    Crusty is still Missing in Action?

    Good to see your Traveling Black Brassiere Avatar has returned to your comments!

  2. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Thank you, Agent Laketrees!

    LOL @ the Avatar baby! You can change this Avatar baby to any avatar you want using a free Gravatar account!

    The post, “Comment Avatars Where Are You? explains how to setup your own Gravatar so your avatar shows up next to your comment!

  3. You’re welcome MissMP! Let’s hope Crusty resurfaces soon….

  4. woopee doo Miss MP…
    on your gorgeous award!!!
    how lovely of Olga 🙂
    I love my little avatar…it actually looks like me …..
    when I was a baby 🙂 🙂

  5. Thank you, Olga for your distinctive Golden DD Globe Surprise!

    This award will lift the morale of my flying BRA (Battle Ready Army) Angels! 🙂

  6. I have something for YOU! 🙂

  7. Hi Undercover 0007 “Jelliebusterz,”

    ROFL 😀 I am happy to hear Wing Commander Plenty O’Toole is safe and sound at Hollydale International Airways!

    Did the Mole go blind from drinking Jack Daniel’s? 😉

    Thanks for the RED ALERT, Commander Bondcat 0007! 😉
    Miss Mp

  8. Hi Olga, the Traveling Bra, has created some new comical Avatars for Bloggers who haven’t created or use a Gravatar account! A new colorful and comical way to bring life to the comments here, yes-no?

    The post, “Comment Avatars Where Are You? explains how to setup your own Gravatar so your Black Bra shows up next to your comment!

    20,000th visitor explains why your air-raid sirens went off as the donuts barely missed me! 😉

  9. … as this saga continues to evolve like a Hardy Nacy Drew Carrey Barker Price is Right Liberal Fig Newton Wayne Rogers Mr. Wrinkellskinzz, the British are claiming NO contest and the MOLE has been spotted in Chili (beanless). I heard he has gone blind, and has burried himself under some sod. Wing Commander Plenty O’Toole has landed at Hollydale International Airways Strip niner niner, and has a pack of contraban Horton’s signed up to join the Minnesotan Regiment. (4 vagrants and a cat)
    My decoder is set to “vibrate” and chatter on the voicebox thinggy is HIGH. RED ALERT to all wing pilots and bloggers in a 1,000,000,771 mile radial saw!!!

    I love this place (wink)

  10. WHAT is that avatar?!?!? THAT NOT ME!

  11. Hey…congratulations! You are my 20,000 VISTOR!!! Woo-hooooooo!!!!! Here – have a donut! My treat! 🙂

  12. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    All’s quiet on the Western Front according to my early warning GPS (Global Pastry System) yet, we are in the eye of the storm! 😀

    The Mole may look guilty yet, Plenty O’Toole may be keeping him well abreast of her treasures while Robert is her captive? 😉

  13. good to see that you are keeping well abreast of the situation over there.. 🙂
    multiple pairs of B-52s!…ROFL
    that Mole certainly looks guilty in that photo doesn’t he ????
    gosh Speedy sounds like he’s under attack….better check it out 🙂

  14. Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

    Sorry Captain Speedy Starbucks, you are breaking up… my 36DD Stealth Brassiere Bomb Squadron is grounded until the hurricane force winds of the Sugar Storms subside! 😉

  15. speedcathollydale

    Ohhh have mercy!!! …. things here in Hollydale are white and rough; we have lost all communications due to the powdered sug


  16. Hi Olga, the Traveling Bra,

    Code Red: Wing Commander Plenty O’Toole and her Bra Angels have spotted Bagel Bogies headed your way and will intercept them before they fly over Chico!

    If you have BRA (Bearing, Range, Altitude) radar, you will see my 36DD Stealth Brassiere Bomb Squadron soon! 😀

  17. I do-nut think it is too late for the 36DD Stealth Brassiere Bomb Squadron to come to the aid of my blog-mistresses town!…point those suckers towards Chico in Northern California!!!

  18. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for reporting on the Brassiere Bomb Squadron comedy crisis!

    Cheers, Miss MP 🙂

  19. Nice, That makes me laugh

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