Penelo Pea Pod Pride Parade

Did you miss the First Veggie Pride Parade in America, today?

Apparently, PETA was using another PETA Principle to show their Pride in their alternate Vegan Lifestyle. Veggie Priders were chanting ‘Give Peas a Chance’ as both Penelo Pea Pod and Chris P. Carrot came out of the closet to reveal their Veggie Pride in the animal-rights activist group. The highlight of the Pea Party was the open wedding ceremony of Penelo Pea Pod, the mascot of parade sponsor VivaVegie Society, and PeTA’s Chris P. Carrot.

The Colander-in Chief was Missing-in-Action. Apparently, the Colander-in Chief has been on a Under-the-Cover mission to free his cellulose companions from the Pot oppressors!

According to the latest secret surveillance, the Colander-in Chief was leading his PLA(nt) Storm Tubers with the charge, “Lettuce, Turnip, and free the Peas” in an attempt to save the pea from the plate as revealed in this video:

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Aniboom Animations

And, Lobo needs your support of his PEAce Pledge!

According to my GPS (Global Patriot Spy-cam), displaying Lobo’s badge provides immunity to all bloggers from Crusty’s Covert Canadian Chicken Attack!
Just in case Lobo’s badge is another False PEAce Pact, Sergeant Snagglepus has safely “Exited Stage Left” and will bounce back to eat the leftover rubber chickens!
Americans are Battle Ready for Attack with our B.R.A. angels and J.A.C.K. defense forces!

Agent 999,
the BRA Mark of the Mole

Battle Update, 1040 hours May 19, 2008:
The Truce War?
Operation Checkpoint Chiky
is a preemptive strike headed north of the border to defeat the rubber chicken launch of the Mole. Wing Commander Chickenhawk will lead his elite fleet of Chicken Copters into battle.

Stay tuned to WOPC, the Operation Patriot Channel, for updates……

Late breaking news update, 2226 hours: My B.R.A. Angels have captured one of Robert’s Spy Fly Planes used to acquire intelligence on American targets:

The Las Vegas CSI (Chicken Science Investigations) lab has determined that Robert’s Spy Fly Planes are launched into the Canadian Cold Air streams from the mound of the Edmonton Cracker-Cats who are disguised as the American Famous Chicken of the San Diego Padres in order to create further Chicken Chaos and Confusion.

Photo source of Spy Fly Plane: Electronic Mail Services

Battle Update, 1222 hours, May 20: Invisible message received, Commander Bondcat 0007! Q suspects there was a problem with the beef bouillon cubes containing mad cow ink! My chicken bouillon cubes did the trick and the Google troops have landed at the Baudette Chicken Heliopad with Pork Rations!

Battle Update, 1252 hours, May 20: the Canadian Rubber Chicken Master has been exposed by Wing Commander Wendy of the Wendster’s B.R.A. Brigade!

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times


About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Tough one to call since both of them are commanding Chicken forces!

    Can we call Robert, Commander R.R. Chicky (for Rubber Robert)
    and Speedcat, Commander Chicky Sanders? 😉

    Thank you, and Debbie Dolphin keeps looking up in the sky for more falling treats! 🙂

    Are donuts the elite members of the fried dough family? 😉

  2. WOW!

    10 stars. Fabulous reporting and love the photos.

    Happy to be able to expose Commander Chicky for you. (That IS Robert, right? Cuz I would have hated to expose our belove comrade in arms, Speedcat! I would have felt like a traitor of the worse variety. Gasp.)

    Well done money penny. Hope Debby Dolphin is none the worse for her encounter with a food group that is .. hmmm … not vegetarian but not meat. What in the heck are they anyway?

    have to go and ponder that one.

  3. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Our grandchildren are the joy of our life!

    @ take the cake: And, the raspberry rum ice cream? 😀

  4. oooooo those giant flies look lethal Miss MP..
    I see that you and Speedy have it all under control !!!
    ps you two must have a ball with your grandkids… 😉
    I thought I had an overactive imagination but you two take the cake 😀

  5. Hi Speedcat,

    Only tamaterzz??? No Lettuce, Turnip, and Pea?

    Or his planes could be the “Fly in the ointment” as in prepared to explode into American air space! 🙂

    CSI concluded the matchstick nose was the self-destruct device after the plane’s mission was completed since Global Warm air from the Revellian south seldom reaches Canada!

    Meeeessage received, Pink Panther! 😉

  6. Dem pasture patties sure do have a fowl oder (ahhhhhhh Hee HEEE!!) On the Hollydale ranch, we use em patties fer da tamaterzz … and den day come in big and red, Just Like Santa’s nose. BLT’s anyone? (Batter Ladden Tuna) … Dolphin safe – of course.

    Love the aircraft. Hope it does not land nose first on sandpaper. If I was only a fly on the wall … or on a plane. I may have to build one of these surveilance vehicals. CSI?? ha haa! The crime is sal – ved Peter Sellers

  7. Hi Speedcat and Wing Commander Chiky Chikinton,

    You just caught me on my break from the Garden PEAce Patrol. We’re in the middle of turning the soil over and mixing it with pasture patties from the Canadian Chicken & Cow Dairy-Air farms! 😉

    Miss MP and Sergeant Snagglepus will bounce back to the front lines after our Garden PEAce Patrol! 🙂

  8. The copters are currently at the Baudette Fly n Fuel, having a salad with Peas as the featured veggy. When the Wing Commander Chiky Chikinton ordered a breast, the whole place blew up into a feathered brew ha haa, and only one assult helio has been fueled. Border gaurds are stationed on the Rainy River, so a secret covert night fly-in may be required. Litigation is being filed by atta turny general Hollyvale III to force a jet fuel injuntion, and bust the hens out of the hooscow. Rooster Dan was spotted heading down route #2 with some stolen Chik Peas ….. further information is held up at this point by the smoke from Fly n Fuel – NOW ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!

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