WCT: Chicken Lizard Egg Devolution

Australian scientists are trying to crack another evolution (adaptation?) mystery of a chicken evolving backwards into a lizard!

They believe the harsh Australian outback may be responsible to the survival of Speedy Speedcat’s cousin, Sheila Chickencat and her offspring!

Photo Credit: from the UK Telegraph news story, What came first – the egg or the gecko inside?
According to the report, Dr. Peter Beaumont believes the lizard climbed into the Chook’s (Chicken’s) feathered underwear, “perhaps to feed on an embryo, before dying and becoming cocooned in the developing egg.”

Personally, I suspect the poor little Gecko saw the Canadian Rubber Chicken Master and became so afraid he crawled into Kim Barker’s Chicken Farm and found a warm hiding place in the feathered underwear of Sheila Chickencat!

Operation Checkpoint Chiky

Battle Update, 2221 hours May 20: According to my GPS (Global Patriot Spy-cam), the rubber ducks that invaded Kim of PurpleFrogCat’s frog pond came from the hot tubs of the Canadian Rubber Ducky Resort and Campground, the secret headquarters of Robert and DrowseyMonkey!

Stay tuned to WOPC, the Operation Patriot Channel, from post to post for updates……

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Ernie @ rubberduckyblog,

    Good to hear you are enjoying your vacation at the Rubber Ducky Resort! 🙂

    Ernie (Jim Hanson)

    Rubber Duckie you’re the one
    You make bath time lots of fun
    Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you

    Rubber Duckie joy of joys
    When I squeeze you, you make noise
    Rubber Duckie you’re my very best friend it’s true
    I find a little fellow who’s cute and yellow and chubby
    Rub a dub dubby
    Rubber Duckie you’re so fine and I’m lucky that you’re mine
    Rubber Duckie I’d like a whole pond of you
    Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you

  3. Hi Wendy,

    LOL 😀 The minute you decided to wear a Donald Duck disguise to infiltrate the enemy’s duck resort you became a secret agent! 🙂

    Look under the Family Fun heading in the side bar, Agent Wendster!

    With Speedy and Miss Moneypenny Advertising, you will be a famous undercover agent in no time! There is another surprise ceremony to be announced soon!

    Thank you for your goodhearted words of praise and your welcome!!!

  4. GASP! I mean, look cool … agents look cool, dontcha know, and never GASP and FANGLOMP Miss Moneypenny.
    But inside, I’m screaming: “I’m an undercover agent! I’m an undercover agent! The fame! The notoriety! The … oh crap. There’s no fame and notoriety. I’m a SECRET agent.” … hmmm. … how did I manage to become a secret agent when I am a few seconds behind everyone else at noticing stuff like THAT. LOL.
    And no, I don’t see it in the side bar. Where do I look?

    And by the by, I second Speedcat’s words of praise for you Moneypenny. You are TOO much. TOO quickwitted, TOO fun, and TOO friendly and welcoming to new bloggers. Thanks for making me feel so at home.

    Wendy Wendster Wenderilla … secret agent!

  5. Hi Speedcat Wild Man in the Woods with Beard,

    After your MonkeyCat Awards Gala, I need a week in Hollydale to recover!

    You caught me off-guard thinking your prize was a link with your excellent undercover Par-TAY dances!

    Q was last seen raising a toast to you at the Gala dinner banquet for all your hilarious posts!

  6. Fer U my friend …. the MonkeyCat Awards Gala is now complete. You have the key to Hollydale for the week.

    … and Lewd inskied?? Ha haaaaaaaaa!!! Oh my ohh my.

    Were is Q???

  7. Hi Agent Wendy,

    Are you going undercover??? 😉 Do ducks snorkel underwater or shall we have Q send you some air tanks? 😀

    Did you notice your Secret Agent status in my sidebar of Undercover Navigation?

  8. Donning duck suit.

    Ready to infiltrate the rubber duck resort, agent Moneypenny.

    I wonder if I can float in this thing? And will anyone notice that my duck suit is WAY bigger than the little rubber ducks in the pond?


  9. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    You lost your chicken farm? 🙂

    Do you need the assistance of Speedy Chickencat and my help to find the funny farm of Chicken Lizards? 😀

  10. unbelievable Miss MP …
    I had no idea that Sheila Chicken? Duck? Gecco? was hiding out on my Chicken Farm :0
    in fact I have to go and find my chicken farm !!!

  11. Hi Speedcat Wild Man in the Woods with Beard,

    You quack me up! 😀
    Does Donald Duck approve of you spending time with Sheila Duck?

    Thank god you’re not from Arkansas because I would need to call Monica Lewd-insky to straightened you out! 😉

    Did you color the cider cipher or fall in love with the monkey??? 😉

  12. Miss Moneypennies from Heaven, you once again have taken the mysteries of the world … and the blogosphere for that matter, and combined your keen mind and observant spy glasses to capture the essence of ….


    I am currently booking a room at the Rubber Duck Resort, and am being accompanied by Donald’s sister, Sheila Duck … not to be confused with my cousin, mind you. I may be a wild bearded woodsman, but I’m not from Arkansas!!

    You will be given a prize later tonight …. just sayin`

    I fixed the cider cipher, but gott juss a lil drunk inda processes … and then a monkey came over with some crayons.

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