Mr. Mom, Super Human Transformer

Was Thomas Beatie (aka born Tracy Lagondino) the first “Mangina” to become pregnant? Apparently, Mr(s) Beatie kept “Hisher” reproductive rights when “Heshe” added male plumbing during “Hisher” gender change.

Will “HeShe’s” baby daughter call “HerHim,” “Modad” or “Damom“???

When HeShe’s daughter is old enough, will Big Bird be able to explain the Birds and Bees?

Mr. Mom’s Interview on Oprah

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Thomas Beatie, Mr. Mom On Steroids, Barbara Walters probed the Beaties on Nov 14, 2008.


Speaking of new species, this is the ideal post to announce the birth of the first Cat Monkey to be born at the Hollydale Ranch & Resort after the MonkeyCat GALA Award Par-TAY,

Only the proud parents know the true gender of their precious baby “boygirl!”

Photo Credit: Mattias Klum, National Geographic
titled, “Kinkajou (aka Cat Monkey) with Balsa Blossom”

The Gala Award Dance Party was attended by the following V.I.P.s,
Comedy Plus, The Painted Veil, Speedcat Hollydale , Mimi Writes…, Nick’s Bytes, Mel,

Michelle, Sandee , Cristie, MomJennifer , Natalie , Eric who appeared on the Disco floor dancing with Sandee and his Double Mint Rocking Awards!!!, Diane , Nicole, Maria, Ashley, and one stunned secret service agent code named “Miss Moneypenny” who never saw what (a rubber chicken?) hit her at the party until the end!

Thank you for the shared laughs and your unexpected honor, my friend and greatest Blogging buddy! I’m sure our blogging family and grandchildren will enjoy the comedy we create!

And, I am privileged to “Pay these Awards Forward” to two winners,

Kim Barker, aka Agent Laketrees, a blogging friend who has shared her art creativity, comic comments and has supported me when needed!


Wendy Wendster Wenderilla, aka Agent Wendy, a new blogging buddy who loves to share her family comic art creativity!

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. that isnt a “cat monkey”. its actually called a kinkajou and its in the racoon family.

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Maddie,

      Since this a comedy and satire blog, “Cat Monkey” was my comical poetic license renaming of kinkajou for online humor with a Blogging friend who is noted by his link in the post.

  2. wat is this???????????

  3. Hi Agent Laketrees and Pink Sheila,

    You are most welcome!
    Is Pink Sheila A-breast of the chicken? 😉

    I’m not sure about any left over crumbs since I was on my liquid diet of Blue Dolphin martinis! 🙂 Perhaps, Speedy saved some par-TAY food for you? 😉

  4. omg !!!
    it looks like I’v missed the partay of the year….
    baby cat monkeys and beautiful arty awards..
    thanks you from the bottom of my heart Miss MP…
    I am seeking psychological help as I speak as the pink sheila and I are not keeping abreast of the situation…
    are there any left over crumbs from the partay….????

  5. Hi Agent Wendy,

    ROFL 😀 Baby CatMonkey loves your Reese’s to “pieeces!” Will you breastfeed feline foremilk and monkey hind-milk for Speedy’s precious Cat Monkey baby? 😉

    p.s. You are most welcome! It is my pleasure to honor you and you comical creativity!
    And, there is a comfy chair near the wood stove reserved for you!

  6. *Rushes into the room*
    I heard the “call of need” from a fellow secret agent, 0007! (Caw caaaw Caw caaaaaw!)
    He must need peanutbutter. And chocolate. And cat’s milk for his new cat monkey baby.
    I will begin milking immediately.
    *grabbing Moneypenny’s cat*
    … where are they?

    p.s. Thanks for the way cool award! You rock Moneypenny. Like I said, you make all of us newbies feel welcome. You should watch out … I’m just about ready to take up residence here. Hope you have a comfy chair all set for me….?

  7. Hi Speedcat,

    No snooze switch on your 0007 “mobile” decoder? 😉

    Dr Phil wanted to do a complete psych evaluation on your baby Cat Monkey but, I convinced him Oprah would yank him off the air! 😀

    My nurses will wrap some banana-tuna and monkey milk for your baby! 😀

  8. Ha!! You are right … my 0007 “mobile” decoder does not show avatars, or much else for that matter. But it keeps me up to date. No wonder I never sleep!
    I want to take my new CatMonkey home now, the kinkajou room is ready, full equipped with tree branches and sand box. The jungle paper on the wall makes me feel just like I’m in the rainforest. Caw Caaaaawww!!! Caw Caawwww!!!!

  9. Hi James,

    Mel’s Avatar wears the coolest 0007 Mo Dads in the Bondcat Blogosphere! 😉

  10. Mel Wears Mo Dads?

  11. Hi Mel,

    You are most welcome!

    We see your Avatar is wearing a pair of cool Raybanner MoDad shades! 😉

    Thank you for complimenting the covert comedy crew! 🙂
    Bloggers and new secret agents are always welcome to share their repertoire of wit!

  12. First, thanks for the plug.

    Second, I consider myself fairly witty, but with you two, I just read in absolute awe. I wouldn’t even try to compete.

  13. Hi The Hollydale Powder Blue Sportjacket,

    LMAO! 😀

    Birth to a gravy boat? Did the Chicken broth break before your labor? 😀

    Wendsterkini is preparing for her next undercover assignment on Baywatch!
    And, the EEE Pink Sheila of Arthouis can do wonders for male blushing! 😉

    Were the Raybanner MoDad spectacles invented by Dr. Phil? 😉

    I hope your plumber wasn’t Roto-Rooter? 😉

  14. The fruit of the MonkeyCat Romance?? LMAOIH (HA HAA!!!)

    Oprah groped my belly the same way on her Thanksgiving special, where I gave birth to a gravy boat. c|___/

    My ohh my what a fine awards showing… and the backround to Arte y Pico has returned to white, Louisiana Saturday night, the Socks Rocks award has fragrent smell of Bounce … softening agent and static gaurd to the Queen.

    Arthouis and Wendsterkini are fine choices, and I certainly second them both. Arthouis recently kissed me on the cheek, where-after I passed out from blushing.

    My next secret coded message will be written in invisible ink across my chest, and sent in via sattelite link from the Foshey Towers. Only those with Raybanner MoDad spectacles will be able to view. (available in the Oprah gift shop next to the broken Cruise couch) …. now valued @ 10,000 dollars.

    Knock knock

    WHO IS IT?!! (yelled loudly)

    The Plumber … I have come to fix your ureathra!

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