Sperm Wars: Having My Baby

Due to his fake eMale (erotic Male) and his Wild Thing for the latex ladies, Charlie Harper has cooked his Bacon leaving no seeds in the sperm bank for Kelly Lanier Van Ryan.

Never fear Kelly, Dr. Philcat has walked on the Wild Side to produce, test on Miss Moneypenny while she was sleeping, and approve a special Speedcat seed from the sperm bank for you!

Dr. Philcat is proud to introduce his new born son, Phil Speedy Chickencat, Jr.!

Wanted for developing Hot Chicken Breasts at a very young tender age!

We also purchased a Vibrating Mitt Chair for Wendy Wendster Professional Nursing Services to breast feed Phil Chickencat in comfort at the cozy coop!

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

Posted on May 23, 2008, in Chook Humor, Eric Speedcat Hollydale, Humor, Strange Science and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. A very Wise choice to pump your milk! I have a funny feeling once Phil Speedy Chickencat latched to your (or my) mammarific machinery he would be lip-locked forever! 😉

    An APB on Chickencat seed? 😀 I can imagine the bulletin, “Be on the lookout for a walking talking Chicken Breasted Man who keeps saying “Get Real” and who has escaped from the KFC prison!” 😀

    Arm or Mud wrestle for the sketch software??? 😉

    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. p.s. ROFLMBO LOLOLOL. You are just toooooo dang funny. And apparently reeeeaaaaaaallllllllllllllly weird. Good thing I like that in a person.

  3. Do you know … in my dreams I often nurse …. things. Children who aren’t mine … tiny little babies whom I don’t recognize … and chickens. But this interesting creature? I believe I will just sit in the chair and pump. I mean, my motherly compulsion won’t allow me NOT to feed it … but my natural revulsion and apprehension won’t let me let IT near my mammarific machinery.

    I’m putting out an APB for all things delivering seed in the night. Unless they are farmers and they put the seeds directly into the SOIL … no, that’s NOT another way of saying something else.

    Hey, Moneypenny? I’ll wrestle you for the sketch software.

  4. Hi Olga, the Traveling Bra,

    Are you dreaming of Phil Speedy Chickencat serving us buckets of finger-licking good KFC? 🙂

  5. That chicken-thing scares me!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Agent Laketrees and Pink Sheila,

    Dr. Phil tried to get real with me, but I managed to escape! 😉

    Sorry Mrs. Lawrence Welk, the chair has No polka dots! Pink Sheila will enjoy a pink chair option for her WMD (Weapon of Mammary Distraction) massage therapy! 😀

  7. well Miss MP…
    OBVIOUSLY you are being left alone for far too long !!!
    this junior Speedcat is certainly a strange lookin fella….
    and the chair !!!
    does it come in plain black with white dots ?????

  8. Hi Terri Terri,

    I think I need to find a Laugh-aholic support group… I never envision Phil Speedy Chickencat as a Victoria’s Secret Fashion model! 😀

  9. I think I’m jealous of Phil Speedy Chickencat’s boobies.

  10. Hi )Phil Speedy Chickencat(,

    I hope I didn’t create a new Black Hole in the Lost in Space Time Continuum of the Blogosphere? 😉

    After this, we may need to take care of the wet spots! 😀

  11. OHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY Goodchickens ……….

    Miss Moneypenny, I have finally been out weirded, and that is a special and significant jump in the blogosphere space time continium. As impressed (and happy) as I am to veiw this travesty, I cannot help but notice that THIS fello has nippleeens??? GREAT Scotts!!!!!! This image will go down in history … I am just glad that I was there to plant the seeds.

    I love this post so much, I think I might have peed my pants …. HA HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

    … now on to the HAND CHAIR. I think ………… 🙂

  12. Apparently, Dr Philcat gave Miss Moneypenny a sex change, too? 😉

  13. “eMale (erotic Male)” <<— nice word you made there man … and I love that chair by the way. It serves a lot of purpose.


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