America runs on Donut Terrorism?????

Did Real Life imitate the Virtual Comedy of the C.A.B. Donut Wars???

Loading Dunkin Rachael

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, a ultra conservative Fox News commentator and uber-blogger, a Cooking Terrorist Paranoia was created over Rachael Ray, the domestic diva, wearing a scarf that looked like a keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. Malkin described the keffiyeh as “the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad.”

Can Malkin’s paranoid post-9/11 America vigilance explain why the non-terrorist Bedouin herders wear the kaffiyeh???

Loading Ray's Funkin Donuts

Personally, Rachael Ray can launch Dunkin’ Donuts and Coffee at me anytime wearing her paisley scarf! 😀

Due to the fear of a mass boycott from the conservative blogosphere, Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) removed the Rachael Ray online ad. DD stated, “In a recent online ad, Rachael Ray is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design. It was selected by her stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, given the possibility of misperception, we are no longer using the commercial.”

Loading Rachael Ray was Canned

Update, 0200 hours: For more on this Unbalanced Fox News commentator, please click the Fair and Balanced “Kill Me With Your Scarf” post by Oh My Word!

News source: Dunkin’ Donuts yanks Rachael Ray ad

To end right wing post-9/11 paranoia, please support Senator Speedy’s campaign by posting a campaign button on your blog! Click the campaign banner to visit Campaign Headquarters to select a Speedy button!

Loading Rainbow of Reality

And, Speedy O’ Cat has more evidence to prove Rachael Ray is NOT a terrorist! <— Click the link to view the Cooking Spoons Star!

Tune into Rachael’s show on June 2, 2008 to find out if Speedy Speedcat is normal? 😉

Loading Speedy Whisperer

For a Speedy Chickencat’s dream dinner delight, Rachael will cook her Cacciatore Stoup with Turkey breasts and Sausage Meatballs on Monday’s show!

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times


About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi The Rev.,

    For me, the Dunkin’ Donuts statement, “However, given the possibility of misperception, we are no longer using the commercial.” is corporate speak to yank the ad because it will damage their bottom line. At least in the minds of Dunkin’ Donuts executives, Michelle Malkin achieved her goal of spreading more unfounded fear of the Middle East.

    Hopefully, the spreading posts will reveal how Michelle Malkin and Fox News are unfair and unbalanced to Americans?

  2. Yes, it’s quite sad on all fronts, really. But, the story’s gathering a tremendous amount of attention, so perhaps this will all backfire on those pulling the ad. All this really does is further Americans’ unfounded fear of people of Arabic descent.

  3. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Did I lose my burial Plot again? 😉

    Laws??? A Computer Seat belt Laughing Law? 😀

    You’re welcome for the Sunday night funnies! 🙂

  4. omg
    you lot have really lost the plot…
    Miss MP….there should be a law against your humorous escapades !!!
    thanks for the Sunday night laughs..
    and that kitty kat is just sooo cute 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi MeatballerchikincCat,

    While developing secret photos in my Dark Room, my flashlight was dropped into the cookRays mixer bowls. At that magical moment, your post came to the light and I decided to expose a RAY of Light on your undercover post!

    Do we need to plan for the Squirrel wars between you and Drowsey??? 😉

    And, what was your reply to running like a girl (at LOBO’s House)?

  6. Hi MeatballerchikincCat,

    Give me a minute to flush my toilet load isp and clear out my Laughing Gas! 😀

  7. OMW is salty!! … and she said I run like a girl. (at LOBO’s House)
    The French are so kind, and make cool things with potatoes.

  8. Hi OlgaTTB,

    After my grandchildren go on their sleep safari, this is my time to sneak in some Late Night Laughs!

    Thank you for the link to another Scarf Sighting at Dunkin Donut.
    Oh My Word! is another insightful post!!! Will add a link to her post!

  9. Hi The Rev.,

    Well said!

    I’m Amazed and Appalled at the same time by this news – Amazed Malkin still has a job and Appalled that Malkin has the power to persuade a company to pull a innocent ad.

  10. I hunger for the latte, and thirst for a donut meal! I would have commented before Olga, but my new toilet load isp was flushed by my cat. I re-booted and re-appeared.
    I thought my silver spoons post was dormant, and now the truth can shine on the bowls of mixing mixer cookRays. If you look closely behind the pink trees in the park, my speedy run ala carte` can be seen as I exit the bus stage left. The chipmunks are drunk!! Sombody gather all the baby accorns, and give them to Drowsey’s squirrel with the mystery buffet 😉

  11. Miss MP – You & I stay up way too late, ya know that?!?

    Here’s another Dunkin Donut/Scarf Sighting…. @ OMyWord!

  12. Ah, what a sad state of affairs. Not that I advocate Dunkin’ Donuts in any semblance, but c’mon, this terrorism thing has just gotten out of control.

    McCarthyism was nothing compared to this nonsense!

    -The Rev.

    (my first visit here, by the way – I tip my hat!)

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