Vibrating Popsicle Icegasm

For a numbing orgasm that melts in your private regions, buy the Icegasm, the world’s first ice vibrator, for $29.95.

The RAD Novelties LLC Icegasm™ kit contains 4 Ice Wands and each Icegasm™ “Vibrating Popsicle” melts slowly so you can relax, stimulate, and turn yourself on or tease your partner.

Instead of freezing at the thought of frozen discomfort in bed, here are my ideas for
Rejected Ad Campaigns:

Icegasm, Chill out by taking the heat out of your romance today!

Icegasm, Tease and Please your Lover with a stimulating Brain Freeze!

Icegasm, for Orgasms Frozen in Time!

For more bang for the buck, this Cold Contraption might come in “handy” during the fireworks on the Fourth of July?

With a Icegasm, everyday is a Fourth of July!

Is Saturday in the Park by Chicago, the Jingle song of Icegasm?

Wordless Chicken Thursday

For a Independence Day Egg-stravaganza, click on the flash photo of the patriotic chickens to watch their Cluck of July

To visit the other Patriotic Chicken Run, click on this photo…

To help celebrate our Independence, watch the video of America Rules and England Sucks by Jack English oops… Jack American 😉

Happy Fourth of July,
For the holiday, Miss Moneypenny and Debbie Dolphin are on a vacation safari…

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Billy,

    Since the Ice Wands are similar to how Freeze Pops are made, you can be creative using any flavor, food colors, juices, syrups, etc.

    For more info, click this link:

  2. What flavors are available? My favorite is watermelon…this post is so disturbing, I may never fully recover :mrgreen:

  3. Hi Bobby,

    The company says their product is for men and women… a “bisexual” or is it a “unisexual” toy? A new twist for men playing Doctor using a icy vibrating rectal thermometer on themselves 😯

  4. Hahaha…can guys use it too? I mean…err…um…by himself in a dark room? Nevermind, I was just asking for my grandfather, he may be interested in something chillingly strange 😯

  5. Hi James “On the Run” and Olga TTB,

    Still on Safari for this week… will publish a new post later to keep the summer spirit of fun alive for surfers.

    I would need to hop on the Crane Train to Mental Well Being before switching from a hot magic spot wand to a Popsicle Vibrating deep freeze Wand 😀

  6. R U Back From Safari? I M En Route 2 Duluth. Whacky Bomb Pop * Makes A Cat Obsolete? Ha Haa! 🙂

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