Obama’s New Energy Plan Exposed

Democratic Energy Plan
Loading Obama's WindWagen
Drive small cars and wait for the wind

After the Democrats adjourned the House for the August recess, 007.6 Bond Operative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed Obama’s New Energy Plan on July 31st. About 20 people in the gallery cheered as Congressman Nunes paraded a sign of a VW Bug with attached sail around the House floor claiming a Democrat said that their energy plan is to drive small cars and wait for the wind.

Interestingly, the Republicans continued discussing the urgent need for a new energy policy after the Democrats left for their five week vacation and C-SPAN turned off their cameras.

With Gas Prices Soaring and new Electric Taxes, can the biggest celebrity in the world lead our nation?

Humorous Republican Campaign Ad

Maybe, Deadheads For Obama ‘08 and the psychedelic rock group, Grateful Dead will “Come together” to endorse Barack Obama’s emergency economic plan that would give $1,000 to every American family with money from a tax on oil companies?

Quote of the day:
“I was born with nothing. So far I have most of it left.”

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Bobby,

    Well said… the key question is how quickly or slowly will the President collapse the economy? Obamarama in a day or McVain in a fortnight? 😉

  2. Yes…but Obama’s ideas on inflating your tires to proper pressure and getting a tune up are revolutionary! I hate to say it, but the US economy will crash and burn no matter who gets elected.

  3. Hi Rev,

    A crow’s nest is a great idea to watch our 1,000 Obamarama Monopoly Dollars fly away to the Oil companies who need to raise their gas prices to pay for Rocking Bar-rock’s Dead End tax increase.

  4. Well, I’m good as gold – just attached a brand new sail to my VW just this weekend! Complete with a crow’s nest and everything…

    I never knew Obama was such a….rocker!

  5. Bwa ha ha ha! Is your Obamarama Bar-rock rocking the nation to the dead beat tunes of the Dead Heads? 😀

    We’re singing this song parody on the East Coast:

    “You say you’re living in a world of trouble,

    All my schemes have popped like a bubble,
My Wright Reverend has uncovered my secrets,
And my brothers have told your friend,
    Now my secrets are out, and I don’t have to pretend,
You can see for yourself, I’m only the Dead End” -Obama D Millionaire

  6. speedcathollydale

    ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  7. speedcathollydale

    Obamma Fest 2008! ROCK, ROLL, and free tix courtesy of Big Oil and Big Government!!

    Ba rock fever ….. do doo dooo ….. Ba ba ba ba ROCK fever … do do do doooooo -HEY

    gonna gettcha mota runnin in the voten line
    pushin allah hot buttons!!!!

    <guitar riffs

    Ba rock fever ….. do doo dooo ….. Ba ba ba ba ROCK fever … do do do doooooo -HEY

  8. Hi Craig,

    great video 😀 … will add to my McCain Campaign Comedy post crediting you as the source.

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