Can Absolut Joe Biden keep U.S. Spy Secrets?

Senator Joe Biden is drunk as a skunk
Note: The humor video contains actual footage of Par-TAYing Biden.

Senator Joe Biden on the campaign trail in Beaver, PA

Note: The video is NOT a Joke

Apparently, the Democrats are celebrating their Oval Office Victory early.

Hopefully, VP-elect Sarah Palin (if elected) will stay sober if she becomes president.

Humorous Question of the Day ~

Which has more political satire: a drunk defenseless Democrat or a fake Photoshop VP-elect Sarah Palin Photo?

Loading Fake Palin

Fake Palin Photo, 2008
Original Photo of elizabeth – american flag bikini rifle, 2004

Some may say the doctored photo is harmless political humor since the Palin photo is obviously fake yet, others feel the Photoshop Phun hurts the political process.

Regardless of your Political Persuasion, the fake Palin photo is a excellent Photoshop job.
You can see the original large Flickr photograph HERE
You can see the original large Fake Palin photograph HERE

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Eric “Speedcat Hollydale,”

    That’s a first for me…never seen drunk writing before! Do I need a few drinks to read ur commmennt abot Mo bliiideN? 😉

    The Palin Poolside Photoshop with the fake Gunboat Mammaries seems to be misleading many. Whoever created the fake photo (hopefully, for humor? ) must be hiding deep undercover.

  2. I donnn .. t know Damn that Joe … Bie dens … what a fun guy. ah he hee com on ova here Joe … en lemme biya another one .. my pally ol` mpal … (snort) … I luv that michelle 2 me frends .. YOU WRER right bout tha at … ah he he

    The Palin Poolside Gunboats photo shop is taking the internet by storm. All I can say about that is – “I’m Jealous!!”

  3. Hi Meleah,

    I was going to do some humor about Sarah next yet, a Drunken Biden seemed to me more humorous than the fake yet, funny Photoshopped picture of Palin.

    To see the original photo captured in 2004, please view the new addition above.

    I wonder who is more of a threat to our nation, a partying drunk Democrat unable to defend himself or a sober woman who seems able to defend herself?

    Hopefully, Palin and the Republicans will be lampooned next! 😀

  4. “Hopefully, VP-elect Sarah Palin (if elected) will stay sober if she becomes president.”

    Personally, Id like to see her WASTED and waving around her M16 semi automatic

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