Obama’s Home of the Free and Brave?

Why are people being arrested for Free Speech in America?

Did our fathers, sons, and brothers shed their blood in vain fighting for our constitution and our freedom of speech???

Whether the Reporter’s decision to wear a “offensive” Tee-shirt in a Obama religious ceremony was wise or not, he should be able to peacefully wear any clothing he desires according to the founding principles of American freedom that have served us well for 212 years.

Will you be assaulted, tagged, and bagged for being at the wrong place and time next by the Police State???

What happened to the Beacon of Freedom and Liberty???

Did 66 million Americans vote to extinguish the Beacon of Freedom and Liberty???

Can America afford “Obamanomics???”

Well said, Peter Schiff

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Bobby!

    I understand your concern and agree with you about the general use of the NWO. In this Catch 22 case, I wish the video could be edited to eliminate the NWO paradox and show only the events leading up to the arrest plus the arrest scene.

    I agree with you that Chuck Baldwin should not use vague NWO terms since most of us don’t understand vague terms unless someone uses a simple and vague catch phrase slogan like “Yes, We Can” to control and manipulate the minds of voters. I wonder if a simple and vague catch phrase slogan can be created for the truth???

    @ “After this election, I am burned out.” : I know the feeling as my humor inspiration requires more external recharging… 😀

  2. Hi Debbie! My reference to The New World Order was just in general, not about that video. I just think many people give themselves no validity by even mentioning it. I wish that Chuck Baldwin hadn’t mentioned it. Wait a few months and we’ll have some things to really complain about!

    After this election, I am burned out. I’m sure I’ll revive soon enough…LOL!

  3. Hi Meleah,

    Truly Alarming and hopefully, the Police State in the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t spread like a political flu!

  4. “Why are people being arrested for Free Speech in America?”

    I dont know…but that is ALARMING at best.


  5. Hi 0007 James Bondcat,

    Peter has excellent insights about the inevitable collapse of the dollar that every concerned American needs to watch and hear in this global economic crisis.

    Unfortunately, the power of the two party system train derails anyone like Peter from speaking truth. Political Truth, a oxymoron, is used to convince and control the voters that the failed policies of Democrats are better than the failed policies of the Republicans.

    At least we are lucky we have Crappy Jobs before our Sh|++y Jobs are outsourced overseas! 🙂 Hopefully, Obama will keep his campaign promise of keeping sh|+ work in America! 😉

  6. I liked the thoughts of Peter Schiff. Economics and the way things must change to stop this train are buried every time truth is made evident.

    The only thing from making another econmics speech tonight is that I am running out of time. Must go to my crappy job tommorow!! (I do not blame the government for that though) I take that responsibility myself 😉

  7. Hi Bobby,

    I agree with you that the incident didn’t occur on Obama’s watch yet, it did occur during a celebration for Obama. Hopefully, my title doesn’t imply Obama was directly to blame since the title was intended to convey the current environment that caused the incident.

    Unfortunately, the video uses President George H.W. Bush’s New World Order which he used openly in several public speeches. I agree that conspiracy theories are just theory that most people including me have trouble with due to the lack of hard evidence yet, the goal of this post was to show a new American environment that has been created which did not exist 8 years ago.

    I agree that globalization or globalism are better tangible terms which can be openly proven with a history dating back to corporations exporting Americans manufacturing jobs and Tricky Dick who removed the gold standard backing the dollar in 1971.

    If anyone can “mastermind a positive psychological warfare on big government and high taxes,” you can and you have my support! Hopefully, we can find some video editing software to replace unprovable conspiracy theory terms with globalism facts?

  8. The dollar collapsing has been happening for years and I blame most of it on the Bush administration. I must tell you than in my opinion, attacks on Obama will not work. People will not listen! So other strategies must be implemented. We cannot blame any problems on Obama as he hasn’t done anything yet – plus, that will cause people to turn away.

    As soon as we blame only Obama or the democrats, it becomes a partisan argument and is divisive. Also, using terms like “new world order” make an argument unacceptable and will be considered ridiculous conspiracy theory. Nobody listens to conspiracy theorists, especially the media. So it’s better to use the terms globalization or globalism which is really the problem.

    In order to change anything, we must relate to all people of all races. Ideas like the gold standard and small government must be promoted in a positive, not negative way! The best way to make 300 million people not listen is through negative attacks on Obama – they don’t want to hear it. So when I do write political articles, I will make them much different than before. What say you Debbie? I want to mastermind a positive psychological warfare on big government and high taxes.

  9. Hi Bobby!

    Peter has excellent insights about the inevitable collapse of the dollar that every concerned American needs to watch and hear in this global economic crisis.

    The first video is extremely disturbing to watch a man being arrested for peacefully walking in a city. I guess an arrest for his safety might be a good(?) idea yet, why would the police assault a man who was not resisting them?

    If you tweeted the post, thank you! 🙂
    Hopefully, many people will watch the video and ask themselves, “Is this the Change we voted for?”

  10. I tweeted this on Twitter, I hope people watch that video. I also hope I am not arrested…or despised by my many Obama supporting friends LOL! I really have nothing against Obama and do hope he does well, but I do oppose big government and entitlement programs.

  11. Ah yes…Peter Schiff is one of the smartest guys in economics. He’s right though, the American people will never go the libertarian route, even though it is the best way to save this country. Telling American’s to vote against entitlement handouts will not fly. Just wait until the dollar completely collapses.

    People are so supportive of Obama, it is quite frightening. Don’t worry, the media and people will turn on him within 4 years when our economy is reduced to nothing. We shall see! That first video was scary. I think the police were afraid the man would be beaten to death among those rabid people. It might be a good thing they took him away. I’m interested in seeing exactly what his charges are and if he has to pay any fines for wearing a freaking t-shirt.

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