The Obama Effect: Change is in Sight

joshweiner1 Political humor has turned into fear when Josh Weiner, a Plattsburgh State student, was interrogated by a Secret Service Agent after he posted his “Change is in Sight” Political Cartoon on Facebook last Wednesday.

Weiner’s Political Cartoon of president-elect Obama’s head in the cross-hairs above the slogan, “Change is in Sight” was his political joke about people expressing fears that an assassin’s bullet will prevent Obama from making it to office.

The Secret Service Agent grilled Josh on who he “would have voted for, if I would assassinate the president, if I owned guns and if I was a racist.” Afterwards, the agent seemed satisfied that Josh was not a threat yet, if headquarters disagreed, they could take his computer and arrest him.

Dr. Olivia O’Donnell, a political science professor, advised Weiner, “that you have to be careful what you post on the Internet because it can be seen by anyone.” Weiner believes his Constitutional rights were violated since the Secret Service Agent deleted his political cartoon.

Josh’s roommate, Josh Obercon, noted his friend’s Political Cartoon was freedom of speech and “People shouldn’t have to fear the government for open statements on political ideas.

Will the Secret Service wage war on the Onion News for their political humor?

Priceless Onion News Quote:

They have proven their minds can be taken over by empty rhetoric. So, if someone can come up with a catch phrase as simple and vague as “Yes, We Can…” Oh it’s awful, they would have a entire army of extremely energetic insufferably annoying mindless pawns at their command.

– The Onion

Reference News Source: Secret Service investigate cartoon, November 08, 2008

renegadeIn other Secret Service news,
the Secret Service has assigned security code names to Obama and his family as follows:

Barack is the “Renegade,”

Michelle is the “Renaissance” (of Socialism?),

Malia is “Radiance,”

and Sasha is “Rosebud.”

Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s security name is “Celtic” (who discovered the crossing of Celtic Crossing Liquor?).

Reference News Source: Secret Service Code Names, November 10, 2008

U.S. Senator Barack Obama (left) dressed as a Somali Muslim elder during his historic taxpayer funded visit to his father’s homeland, Wajir, Kenya in 2006. Image Source

Based on Barack’s code name, here is the “official” list of comical code names:
Barack Obama – Renegade
Hillary Clinton – Lady Marmalade (A Slick Willie fantasy?)
John Edwards – Bridesmaid (A Vice President fantasy)
John McCain – Medicaid
Rudy Guiliani – Tirade

Let’s pray our men haven’t served in vain…

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The Obama Effect: Change is in Sight is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

    Actually, the mothership sent me to warn Earthlings about keeping a safe distance away the Black Hole of Uranus!

    Mork from Ork also warned us about another pain in the A$$ Burgers, code named, Google’s Pork Rations! 😆

    Do I dare ask why the James Bond Moonraker mothership might be venturing towards Uranus in 2012??

  2. speedcathollydale

    The Ritalin was actioned off to pay for the new blog headquarters.

    Of all the planets in space …. You sure are fond of Uranus, Miss Moneypenny. Maybe you will be able to VEGER there someday. The James Bond Moonraker mothership might be venturing that way in 2012.

  3. Hi Bobby!

    The absence of a Secret Service investigation in the hanging of the Sarah Palin mannequin is a excellent question and another political mystery of Indecision 2008!
    Interestingly, Chad Michael Morisette admitted he knew hanging a effigy of Barack Obama would not be tolerated.

    Perhaps, 0007 James Bondcat can go deep undercover to find the answer?

    In the meantime, I suspect a Republican Soldier has a thicker skin and may have ordered the Secret Service to stand down.

  4. Hi 0007 James Bondcat!

    Thanks to Doctor Shoals Spectacles, I can see your first comment clearly, now and completely agree with you that Bush was a easy target!

    Dubya Bush was never able to white-out the bulls-eye he painted over his mouth! 😀

    Unfortunately, the news of Mr. Weiner is a ominous sign of the sinister events to unfold in the home of the Free and Brave. I hope my Weiner Post did not easily distract you? 😉

    Has the good Doctor treated you with his Methylphenidate hydrochloride?
    Hopefully, Doctor Shoal doesn’t have A$$ Burgers (Asperger’s syndrome) since I’m sure he would be probing Uranus looking for a cure! 😆

  5. Hi Debbie! I see! It’s perfectly alright to hang a Sarah Palin mannequin from a noose on any front porch in America, but not ok to write a political cartoon about Obama? Why didn’t the secret service arrest the guy with the Palin noose? It is beyond me how they allowed that to happen. I have to stop now before I get upset LOL! :mrgreen:

  6. What I meant to say in a few short words was that posts (blog posts) with a negative dipiction of our “current” president were very common, and never had government notation, nor actions. For instance, I have seen blogs with the words this man needs to be shot, with Bush’s photo above them. A million was a guess ….

    In short, it was very popular to bash Bush, and give the intended notion of harming him in some fasion. I think that with the new and coming socialist control in the White House and congress there will be a growing attempt to squash ideological philosophies that to not coincide with their own. While this case ( Josh Weiner ) is extreme in some ways, I think it points to things yet to come. Did you make up that name Miss Moneypenny? Sounds a bit like your doing … “Josh Weiner”, glad that is NOT my name!!

    While Facebook is not really a blog, it contains the same “kind” of internet personal expressions that we project on Blogger and WordPress and self hosted domains. I predict that radio will be bombed with the gag order first, with laws “appearing” to be in the name of fair reporting. They will claim to be protecting citizens by making it illeagal to push one side of an issue without an equal amount of rebuttle, or opposing view points. Next, the internet will be semi controlled in the name of security, here and abroad. Our next president has BIG plans to be very internet oriented. Imagine that (???)

    Google? Yes … we know the power they have. They are copying every letter I type in now.

    I guess I was trying to make this comment with a smalli amount of space, and it did not make much sense!!

    Of course, I rarely do anyway. Ha haaaa!!!!!

    Doctor Shoal said I have an attention deficit disorder, and am easily distracted 😉

  7. Texting Mini Comments That May B Confusing .. B Back Later 🙂

  8. Hi Speedcat,

    You may be right, yet the only posts I can recall are the Secret Service designating “free speech zones” or “protest zones,” to quarantine dissent in order to keep protesters out of presidential sight and outside the view of the media covering a Dubya Bush’s public event.

    This news seems to go one step further where the Secret Service has extended the free speech zones to include the internet.  Unfortunately, a quick search using Google God’s services doesn’t produce a similar Secret Service issue with online Free Speech.  Could Google or the government have deleted the posts about online Free Speech that Dubya Bush didn’t approve of???

    @ Similar Posts Were Written About Busch 10 Million Times? Can you cite some similar posts???
    During the campaign, there were numerous posts about Barack’s censorship of the news… did Obama learn the Free Speech Press censorship trick from his cousin, Dubya Bush???
    For American Liberty, the Bottom Line is “More of the Same” NOT Obama Change…. what happened to the President of the United States role of defending our Constitution???

    What happened to the checks and balances to limit the U.N.Constitutional power of politicians???

    Will it take an Act of Congress to restore our Constitutional Rights??? 😉

    Perhaps, we are watching the extinction of our Freedoms which Ronald Reagan warned us about???

  9. Amazing … Similar Posts Were Written About Busch 10 Million Times?

  10. Hi Linda,

    The next four years should deeply concern every American who understands the precious gift of Freedom and Liberty our fathers gave us!

    Every day, I wonder when Obama will shut down my blog after Barack cancels our Free Speech.

  11. SIGH. And again I say SIGH.

    It’s gonna be a long four years, isn’t it??

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