Election 08 Aftermath: No Kool-Aid for Me

Let everyone know you didn’t give in to Obama’s empty rhetoric and hype…

Loading Koolaid 2008

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Why did these people Vote???

“People voted for the President based on the way they talk, how they dance…”
No one interviewed was able to state one policy of Change.

The Undercover disguises of Barack Obama

Loading Con man Obama

According to the Onion News, “international con man Barack Obama fled the country Wednesday with nearly $85 million in campaign funds.” To read the full story, please click HERE.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Bobby,

    I am sorry to hear you suffered so much loss and lived with the uncertainty of when and if life would get back to normal.
    No doubt, your horrific experience influences how you live today?

    I knew the military were the first responders in many (all?) areas and thank God, Super “O” Barack was not in charge because his defense spending cuts most likely would have crippled military aid to the needy.

    In my previous comment, the big news was how the devastating mistakes of Bush’s civil government, especially the FEMA fiasco, revealed how a massive central government is unable to solve social issues. Thank God, concerned individuals donated their time and money to rebuild the gulf coast!!!

    People living in a city that is below sea level after Hurricane Katrina amazes me. I’m certain if that horrific experience happened to me, my family would move to the mountains and take our chances with avalanches! 😉

  2. After Hurricane Katrina hit, destroyed my home and everything I owned, it was the U.S. military that provided food, water and ice. I literally lived on military MRE’s for almost 3 months. Had they not arrived, I would probably be dead.

    Where I live took much more damage than New Orleans, but I was lucky to live only a 1 mile from one of the food drop points. The roads were all impassable and people only 10 miles from me could not get there. We hand carried food and water through 30 foot high debris to help as many people as possible. It was the most horrific event I’ve ever experienced.

    I used to live in New Orleans, but moved because I knew long ago it will sink into the ocean. I am surprised it’s still there. I think it is a bad mistake for the city to be there and it should be evacuated now, before another storm hits. The next bad hurricane in New Orleans will completely annihilate it.

    Yes, most of the rebuilding on the gulf coast was done by individuals donating their time and money; however, the initial help came from our military. I will never forget seeing a horde of Blackhawk choppers dropping off food! It was great and should always be a mission for our military (the majority of initial emergency help). I had to share my Katrina story with you. I was in the eye of the storm.

  3. Hi Debo,

    Considering Obama voted for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (F.I.S.A.) of 2008 which grants retroactive immunity to telecoms for their part in warrantless wiretips, what do you believe is the right direction?

    Please note that Warrantless Wiretips are a UNconstitutional invasion of our privacy and telecoms cannot be criminally charged for illegally spying on Americans. All Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen take a oath to Defend NOT Destroy the Constitution. Obama “promised” he would filibuster the Bill, yet flip-floped and voted for F.I.S.A.
    Is losing our Constitutional freedoms, turning our “lost” country back in the right direction?

    And, this is only one of many Obama issues we could cover.

    P.S. Please note that Miss Moneypenny has covered several issues about Obama in the past and will be posting more alarming news soon about Obama’s mandatory programs which may make Barack the most UNpopular President of our nation if his plans are fully executed.

  4. Hi Bobby!

    And, who do these people get angry at when the person they voted for turns out to be More of the Same? 😉

    Social Issues should never be associated with any government…another political mystery is why people can’t grasp why government Socialism doesn’t work?

    As we know, Hurricane Katrina should be a recent glaring example that the Federal Government is incapable of handling social issues. If I recall correctly, charities and individuals provided the disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Ironically, US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson claims the global economy is improving plus Gas and Heating Oil prices have fallen almost $2.00 in the Northeast, a full two months before the Big “O” Super hero takes office!!!

    P.S. Flat Money was an advanced question??? Do they know they live on the third rock from the sun? 😉

  5. I can hardly wait for Obama to get sworn in so he can turn this lost country back in the right direction. Pass the kool-aid please. Thanks)

  6. Hi Debbie! I’m convinced that most Americans voted based on the candidate’s personality. Some voted based on the idea of anti-war. The people who know a little about politics voted because of social policy, like abortion and stem cell research.

    Social issues are irrelevant to me. I seriously doubt the Iraq war will end soon. Actually, Obama will deploy more troops to Afghanistan and Darfur, and when he does, there will be a massive backlash.

    I think the economy may improve, but as always – it will be another bubble based on overstretched credit! I personally asked many of my Obama supporting friends if they knew what fiat money was. None had ever heard of it. I guess the question was too adavnced…LOL!!!! We should let the Cato Institute govern America for a few years…seriously. 🙂

  7. Hi Meleah,

    The Onion makes me cry with laughter most of the time! 😀

    Hopefully, “The Obama Times They Are A-Changin'” will not change our Republic into mother Russia as portrayed by the Onion’s disguises of Obama!

  8. and… The Undercover disguises of Barack Obama’s photos are hysterical.

  9. I love LOVE The Onion …..

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