Sarah Palin’s Fowl Play Traps My Beaver

After pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey, other turkeys die during Governor Sarah Palin’s TV News interview…

Video Source: You Tube, <— Click Link if video Embedding is disabled.

barba02Priceless Palin Phun?
Apparently, Caribou Barbie never realized how the Turkey Carnage Fowled her News Conference.

From one extreme to another, the Palin Poultry Phun was been gobbled up by PETA to promote their bizarre vege head agenda. Read the Full PETA Story HERE.

To read a excellent brief history about the origin of our Thanksgiving, please click HERE to read my Blogging Buddy Linda’s Thanksgiving post.

Happy Thanksgiving

For Wordless Beaver Wednesday,

Loading Beaver Full Moon

My Beaver has surfaced from her undercover dam to see if Sarah and Speedy Beavercat set their beaver traps on the Full Beaver Moon (November 13, 2008) to catch my beaver for their supply of warm winter furs. When will Politicians and Beavercats pardon our busy beavers for Thanksgiving?

Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production noting that Bucky Beaver was created by a unknown Cartoonist.

Buoyancy Links to other Brave Busy Beavers:

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Eric “Speedcat Hollydale,”

    My beaver hasn’t needed to wear a “hat” in years! 😀

    Nurse Hugankiss was hot on my Beavertail to trim my Beaver with your Hedge Clippers.

    As a peace offering, I volunteered my husband’s Hedgehog for Nurse Hugankiss’s Beaver trim special. Surprisingly, she passed the buck to you to trim his Hedgehog… before someone steals my punch line… you may need to use a weed whacker? 😉

    You’re welcome, my busy beaver is at your winky linky love service! 🙂

  2. ” thanks for listing ALL the beavers Moneypenny “

  3. I am here trappin all the beaver linkies … and beaver tails. Nurse Huggans is chasing you? Are you wearing a nice hat?

    Palin was in Hollydale and shot out the window of my Hollydale Beaver Post!!

  4. Hi Meleah,

    Suprised?… I needed to throw Nurse Hugankiss off my Beaver Trail in order to regain the element of my Beavertail surprise! :mrgreen:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂

  5. ha ha ha

    You did participate in Wordless Beaver Wednesday!


  6. Hi Nurse Hugankiss,

    Good news… another Beavertail escapes the male traps of a full moon? 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your little beaver.

  7. I missed the Full Beaver Moon too! Dang it! Happy Thanksgiving Miss Money Penny!

  8. Hi Daisy,

    Sounds like your Beavertail escaped the professional male Beaver Trappers during the Beaver Full Moon! 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, full beaver moon came and went and I didn’t even know about it!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Miss Moneypenny! 🙂

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