Wordless Bra Tuesday: Woody the Woodcat

Woody the Woodcat for Wordless Bra Tuesday…

Loading Woodcat

Photo Credit: Miss Moneypenny Photoshop(1)

Dr. Shoals Inspectors were personally handpicked by Professor Auguste Balls to investigate Woody’s Fruit of The Loom for bad fruit… Hopefully, they didn’t find any Blue Balls…

tomatoAccording to Smurfette Hugankiss, the Fruit of The Loom Inspectors are from left to right Dan the Man, Jaffer, and Bobby who is looking for his Endoscopic Probe.

Like the fruit of the loom inspectors, the following comical characters fly the extra mile to create blogging comedy….

For your comic convenience, the above Blogging Boy Scouts and Blogging Beaver Brownies have been added to the Beaver Patrol section of the right sidebar navigation menu…

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(1) Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production which includes the comedy of The Inspectors, originally uploaded by BGLewandowski which is also posted HERE combined with a wooden body painting.

Disclaimer: Smurfette Hugankiss is a fictional character who is unrelated to Nurse Amanda Hugankiss.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

Posted on December 2, 2008, in Humor, Titillating Tuesday, Wordless Bra Tuesday and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Hi Bobby!

    I promise to balance the testosterone in this post with a heavy dose of Estrogen replacement therapy for the next post! 🙂

    Now that’s manga you can believe in! :mrgreen:

  2. Hi Speedy Reverecat!

    Where have you and the Sons of Liberty been hiding all these years?

    We need your Mohawk Indians to help us with “The New World Engrish” who are sin taxing everything! 😀

  3. That is a particularly unusual and disturbing picture! Too much testosterone for this lover of women…lol!!!!

    This is mange I can believe in! 😯

  4. There is a new sin tax??? EE Gads!

    I hope it is not on gravy consumption. I member wen da engrish try to tax my tea!

  5. Hi Eric “Speedcat Hollydale,”

    Master Makudonarudo, my Agent Secret Ranguage is not crear Japanese Engrish Sin-tax??? 😉

    Thank you! … the mystery of undercover work can be surprisingly or shockingly funny at times… :mrgreen:

  6. I am going to get DCR and Booby to help me translate the syntax. Congratulations on another Moneypenny masterpiece!
    Honest …. I NEVER know what to expect when driving into this comedy caper blog. Never!
    There in lies the beauty.

  7. Hi Nurse Hugankiss,

    These Inspectors are on a medical mission to Boldly go where no man has gone before! 😀

    Hopefully, Doctor Shoal can extract Booby before you need to send in another probe to find him? :mrgreen:

  8. Thank YOU for clairfying the difference between the fictional character of Smurfette Hugankiss & myself…a real character.

    As a Professional Nurse, I am concerned for the health & saftey of the Fruit Inspectors….especially Bobby with the Endoscopic Probe….I fear he has tunneled in too deep!

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