Titillating Tuesday: World’s Tallest Snow Woman

Loading Snow Bust

Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production ~ For Cold Comedy, frozen Breasts were added to anatomically correct Chris Dagdigian’s Flickr photo of the tallest Snow Woman.

Olympia, the world’s tallest snow woman, was constructed this past February in Bethel, Maine. The frozen lady was named “Olympia” to honor Maine’s Senator Olympia Snowe.

Olympia was formed by 6,500 tons of snow to stand 122-feet high which was 29-feet shorter than the Stature of Liberty (measured from the Base of the Statue to the torch). Besides my Photoshop addition of frozen breasts, Olympia’s frozen beauty was created by 5-foot wreaths for her eyes, 16 skis for her eyelashes, 5 red auto tires for her lips, and 30 ft. spruce trees for her arms.

For more information about the frozen Snow Woman Wonder and to view the construction photos of the snow princess, please visit the SnowWoman WebLog.

blue_starMap Location:
For Directions to the world’s tallest snow woman, please visit the Google Map of Olympia Snow

Associated Press Video…

Skiing Getaway Video, March 13, 2008…

After French Kissing the tallest snow princess, Speedy Iciclecat was last seen hanging around here…

Note: Since this post required many words to describe the Wordless Photoshopped image, the post title was changed from Wordless Bra Tuesday to Titillating Tuesday for Wordless Bra Tuesday.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. And to think I got tired and decided to stop building mine at 100 feet even. Unbelievable!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Let’s se if this works now?

    • Hi Busy Bear,

      Is Busy Bear the undercover name of Agent Laketrees?

      This is first busybear comment to pop up on my WordPress Radar! 🙂

  3. Crap! I have to change my Hat @ Gravatar too! A Nurses’ work is NEVER done!

  4. DANG! I’m late with my WBT! (I have to get over to the Nurse’s Station STAT & change my uniform!)

    I love your snowlady!!! She’s HOT! I mean COOL!

    • Hi Nurse Hugankiss!

      Did you see Speedy Iciclecat hanging around the Snow Lady?

      Even after advising Speedy that his Snow Princess is frigid in more ways than one, Speedy French Kissed her anyway! 😀

  5. I Tried 2 French With Her … Tongue Stuck Then A Ski Pole Hit Me In The Groin

    • Hi James 0007 Frenchcat!

      To prevent French Frostbite, please use cherry flavored ChapStick and Bobby Revell’s Oral Condom! 😉

      Were you hanging upside down from Olympia’s chicken wire “Carrot” nose when the ski pole tragedy occurred?

      To protect your groin and your Phantom Lord of Ultimate Darkness the next time you climb the frozen woman, buy Dr. Shoals Ski Jumpsuit made from Hollydale Titanium! 😉

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