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Super Bowl XLIII Phuny Poultry Predictions

With only one day before Super Sunday, my Undercover Prophecy System is Super Simple: the first team to chase Speedy Chickencat across the Goal line will win…

Super Bowl XLIII

Video Source: You Tube

With this Poultry Prognostication Procedure, you bet on the team who will win without worrying about the point spread or the final score of the game.

This system is a slight improvement over the Hollydale Hen Peck Picker system used by Carnac Speedcat Hollyton to pick the Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII last year using the services of the…

Poultry Picker, Beanie the chicken

Video Source: You Tube

Hopefully, Carnac the Magnificent Hollyton didn’t lose his shirt, underwear, and Blue socks when he picked the Patriots over the Giants, 37 to 17. The Final Score was Giants 17, Patriots 14.

After Eli invalidated Speedy’s soothsaying prophecy, Speedy overhauled his Prediction Powers by creating the Superbowl Veri-check Accuquote Prediction system to rate the cheerleaders which is the real reason why men watch Football.

Based on Speedy’s Cheerleading Formula, the Arizona Cardinals will burn the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 3 yet, there are 43 reasons why the Head Chicken Cheerleading Coach could be wrong…

Video Source: You Tube

For next week’s early edition of Wordless Chicken Tuesday, here is the Head Chicken Cheerleading Coach of Football Betting…


Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production

Thankfully, Big Bird kept his chicken breasts covered for Miss Moneypenny and hopefully, Kurt Warner will not see this bird of betting before Super Bowl 43. biggrin_25525

For a smooth clean shave of the famous Hollydale Chickencat Cheerleading Coach, Miss Moneypenny hired the beaver grooming services of Nurse Amanda Huggankiss.

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