Primate Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Lost Soles

Drowsey Monkey, captured by Captain Speedy Sparrow and Flopsy Topsy Poopy Pants, refuses to give up her precious treasure of blue socks…

Source: Video created by Sock Monkey Dreams TV production

Note: To follow the digital trail of humor, please click on the links in the post… to answer the Clothing etiquette question, Do you sock pants first or pants down socks first?

Since my dress order is panties first, bra, socks, bottom, top, and shoes in the winter, hopefully Olga, the Traveling Bra can save Drowsey Monkey’s Blue Socks from the Hollydale Primate Pirates?

To help Speedy CatRanger dress right, the blue socks were sewn into his pants…


Image Source: Cool Halloween Costumes

When there is Danger,
Don’t be a Stranger,
Call Speedy CatRanger

The Crew of Lost Soles…


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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Eric Speedcat Hollydale!

    Ha Ha Ha… Ahh, Lorena had to be to there first to slice off the Male Popsicle! :mrgreen:

  2. Once the friged waters of Hollydale lake combined with the Big Bang of Cialis and created cold fusion and Lorena Bobbit was there too …


    (he heeee)

  3. Hi DrowseyMonkey!

    I have a funny feeling that the Primate Pirates will steal your Blue Socks no matter which order you put your clothes on… Speedy Sparrow is one crafty Sock Pirate! 😀

    Bobby lives in Gulfport, Mississippi and Bobby goes commando with Al Gore on Al’s Barefoot Global Warming missions! :mrgreen:

  4. See … this is what happens to socks that are put on last … they feel ignored and then run away with pirates, looking for treasure and just getting into all kinds of mayhem! HA! Socks first!

    And where exactly does Bobby live where men wander around underwareless? I may just have to visit 😉

  5. Hi Meleah!

    No Lost Soles on your feet! 🙂

  6. Hi Bobby!

    32° F down South in the land of Al Gore’s Global Warming? Al must be running out of inconvenient Hot Air! 😉

    Would you like to join our Local Polar Bear Club? 😉 For an Arctic Blast, Polar Bears are nude men and women who dip into the icy atlantic (current Water temperatures are ranging from 34° F in Maine to 40° F @ Boston Harbor) during January (current Air temperature is 12° F feels like 2° F due to the wind chill) and February. Sometimes, Polar Bears will wear thong bathing suits to protect their nuts! :mrgreen:

    Perhaps, Eric can tell us if Polar Bears prefer dipping into icy waters as a natural alternative to viagra or cialis? 😀

  7. Hi Eric Speedcat Hollydale!

    Sounds like you need a lot of Hot Air from Al Gore, the MAD dog of Global Warming! :mrgreen:

    Orange and Red socks… are the Pirates sailing to a fire with the siren on? 😉

    The SUIT is dry cleaned, pressed, and ready for pickup anytime, Speedy CatRanger! :mrgreen:

  8. I meant 32 degrees Fahrenheit, not 32 below 😳

  9. Hi Eric & Debbie! It’s actually cold here in the deep south this morning…down to a biting and humid -32–the morning dew frozen in twisted sheets–how awesome! I’m going nude boy surfing before the cops come arrest me–all the old ladies are out there, I must keep them company hahahaha :mrgreen:

  10. I will be needing my SUIT back tomorrow 😉

  11. HoooooWEEEEEEEE!!!! It is -15 here this morning and my furnace cannot keep up. Socks, slippers (Iactually found them), and my house coat. in that order

    Pirate socks are orange and red.


  12. Hi Bobby!

    Where I live the temperature is currently 10 deg. F outside and my feet freeze first when my toes slip out from under the covers.

    I need my Socks on first in the winter and no socks in the summer like you! 🙂

  13. Hi Debbie! Where I live, socks and underwear aren’t considered necessities, though if I did wear socks (only in the winter) I would put my pants on first (usually made of slightly opaque mesh for air flow) 😯

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