PETA’s Best Feathered Friends: Chicken of the Sea Kittens

Will you be baited and hooked by PETA’s campaign to save fish by renaming them Sea Kittens?

Loading PETA Pals

Cartoonist Credit: Mike Luckovich 01/15/2009

avatar_trout_peta “Nobody wants to eat a sea kitten.
Save a Sea Kitten: Eat Veggie Sushi”

Despite the scientific evidence that the brains of fish do not sense pain and the fact that fish food is vital to a healthy diet, PETA has launched another bizarre campaign to save fish by renaming fish, Sea Kittens.

In 2007, PETA launched a anti-fishing web-site to wage war against fishing by ending what PETA calls fish abuse. Their program also includes fear-mongering about the dangerous mercury levels in fish which is untrue according to a report by the Center of Consumer Freedom. Minute traces of mercury in fish is inconsequential to human health and the health benefits of fish continue to outweigh any mercury paranoia being peddled by PETA. According to another study, “women who ate the most fish during their pregnancies had children with the highest IQs.” Reference source: Seafood Safety.

Will PETA start a campaign to save the Chicken of the Sea next?

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Loading Phishy PETA Protest
Photo Source: PETA Sea Kittens
Phishy PETA Protest – “sea kittens” lying in front of the Convention Center for PETA’s Fishy Vegetarian Campaign.

For Music Monday, Cruising Chicken Impossible

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