Cupid Speedy Frogcat is Croaking for You

heart-valentine-48x48 Hoppy Valentine’s Day heart-valentine-48x48

How many Frogs do you have to Kiss before you find your Prince?


Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production

If you don’t want to be turned into a frog like Speedy Frogcat then please don’t give your better half a mustache waxer for Valentine’s Day… Beware of the Doghouse

Source: Beware Of The

icon_heart For anyone seeking romantic ideas, my identical twin sister, Debbie Dolphin has completed the transfer of New England Lighthouse Treasures to a new host which includes a Valentine post about the I Love You Lighthouse, Minot’s Ledge 143 Light and a Romantic dinner post at the Newburyport Lighthouse Restaurant.

Valentine's Love The following is from Mariuca’s Wishing on a falling Star. It explains and contains links to join this interesting and Technorati Fueling Meme. The entrants are all linked to each other, so do not miss out. This Valentine’s Love Meme was created by Jean!

In keeping with the Valentine mood that is totally taking over the blogosphere, I am going to show some love for all my friends by taking part in this very special Valentine’s Love Meme created by my BFF Jean! Thank you so much for thinking of me with this one Jean and I surely wouldn’t want to miss out on this special Valentine love tag YAY! Since Jean has already tagged almost all my friends, I will tag those that have not been tagged by her okay? Also, please get the code for the corner banner from Jean’s blog. As usual you know me and HTML, we don’t jive that well so I couldn’t get the banner code to appear on my post, however the love banner is proudly displayed at the top right corner of my blog as you can see, as per the rules of this meme! Here goes! Monica, Ane, Debbs, LR, Fida, Roxy, Kim, Liza, Kriscell, Twinks, Erisha, Tina, Tammy, Ruby, Speedcat, Dorothy and Blanne! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all my friends, let’s spread the love shall we?

***start copy***
Rules:1) Once you’re tagged, install the corner banner at your blog as a third party html code. (The corner banner need to stay at your blog for at least 2 weeks).2) Post about this meme, Valentine’s Love.3) Add your blog/s with link/s to the Valentine’s Lovers list and leave a comment at this post HERE.3) Tag all your special friends.4) Please remember to update your list regularly so that you would not miss out anyone in your Valentine’s Lovers list.
Corner Banner Valentine’s Lovers
1.A Great Pleasure 2.Time Goes By 3.Listen With Your Heart 4.Glossalicious 5. Wishing on a Falling Star 6. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery 7.
** End Copy

I tag
New Self Service Clinic
from Doctor Shoal
Why Indeed?
from Your Neighborhood Reverend
Stimulis for Economic Dysfunction
from Miss Moneypenny CPU
Ulga, the Traveling Trashiest Bra?!?
from OLGA

FREE LINKS!!! Marzie & B, Janice & L, Emila & Z, Bobby, Sandman, LJ & A, Adrian & Wifey, Nick & Wifey, Enchie, Jackie & W, Debbie & C, Mr. Zubli, Bono, Metz, Haaziq, Manggis, Yoon See, Rozella, Nessa, Bintang, Bro Bokjae & Sis Rock, Marvic, Sushi & Mama/Papa, Vidst, NafaSG, FL Sam & Wife, Karen & Hubby, Bobo & Love, Liza, Abby, Emmy, Randy, Ratu Syura & R, Jamilla, Sollee, Stephanie, Min Min, Pia, Shemah & Hubby, Sabrina & Hubby, ECL, Nina, Kevin, Vhiel, Trinity and TH & Hubby.

If you’re single, may this SAD (Singles Awareness Day) Holiday be happier then VD (Valentine’s Day)…

ribbon_heart-64x64 To add more purple frogs to your day, please visit Purple Saturdays and ribbit like a frog prince to Purple Frog Cat…

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Thanks for the linky love also!! While I was adding I added this one too. I actually thought I already had you on my roll…but, I didn’t. But you are now!!:-)

    • Hi Sinade,

      Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

      You’re most welcome and thank you for your post compliments and the winky linky love!

      With croaks of laughter, Speedy was very Hoppy about Valentine’s Day! 🙂

      I hope you will have Hoppy Happy Day, today!

      Hugs to you and I’m hopping over to your new blog! 🙂

  2. Hi Debbie,
    What a wonderful post for Valentine day and purple Saturday. I think Speedy looks just marvelous.

    I am so so so so so late but I do so hope you had a Happy valentine’s day. Of all days yesterday around noon storms moved in and lasted almost all night.

    So I didn’t get mine posted until 11pm last night. And I feel really bad about that too!

    I too was alone alas yesterday. I spent the rainy day with my dog and cat. I couldn’t even get on the blasted internet.

    Oh well today is a new day and it’s filled with sunshine and no storms.

    Mine is here if you get a chance to drop by.

    It’s at my new blog this time.

    Hugs to you!!:-)

  3. Hi Bobby,

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Are Lyingtologists related to Scientologists like Tom Cruise from the Galactic Confederacy? 😯

    After this meme contest, I was drafted by the Meme-O-Pause Movement! :mrgreen:

    May U have a Happy VD (Virile Dream) 🙂

  4. Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Speedy Frogcat will sweep the Princess off her feet in this Ranidae Romance! 😀

    A very keen observation, Senator Speedy… did also you see Amy’s “Take home a jug of fun” Tee-shirt hiding under her hair? 😉

    Love your song… did U see the hilarious men only dog house video?

    May U have a Happy VD (Virile Dream) 🙂

  5. Happy Valentine’s day Debbie! I unfortunately cannot compete in this meme contest . . . it’s against my religion (I’m a Lyingtologist from the Quapteradrone galaxy).

    Happy VD 🙂

  6. shazam!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the capital of Romance County. The FrogCat must have washed a red sock with his tshirts again … and who is the lil purple girl with the body hair? Amy Klobuchar on E hormone` ??? I would kiss most any woman on the cheek, or chicken beek, but not a hairy purple Klobie.

    I see you have stepped up the memeiosis a bit too. What a wonderful production of HTML Hyperlinkin Logginnzz. Best meme ever written, I say.

    My house, is a very very very dog house, with two cats in the yard, they poop and dig so hard …. seems dinner always seems to be some fries – OHHHHHH la laaaa la da deee dahhh da doooo da do doooooo …. Dog house doggy dog houses for frog and cats to stay, they seem to like it that way. Shawnanananaa Na naaa!!!

    HAPPY VTD Miss MonneyPenny’s and Sears Catalogue readers 😉

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