Sheyla Hershey Majestic Mountain Mammaries

38KKK Bouncing Boobs…

After 9 Breast Augmentations, Sheyla Hershey has ballooned out from a 32B to 38KKK Boobs. According to a British tabloid, the Texan blonde has the world’s largest pair of boobs(1).

Although everything is bigger in Texas, local Nip Tuck Surgeons refused to do the record breaking surgery. Sheyla was originally shopping for a GGG Bust and decided to fly to Brazil where she was able to jump to the KKK implants and walk(?) away with the boobs of her dreams.

Looking at her Flotation Devices, I can feel the Back Pain…

Loading 38KKK Silicone Sacks

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(1) According to the Guinness Book of Records, Lolo Ferrari holds the title of the world’s largest silicone enhanced boobs and Guinness claimed each boob weighed 6.17 pounds. Currently, one of Sheyla’s Silicone Boobs weighs somewhere between 7.5 and 7.7 pounds.

The recent Timeline of Sheyla’s Twin Dreams…

Implant Size Silicone Gel Bust Size Weight
3,200cc 0.85 gallon 34FFF 7 lbs.
7,000cc 1.85 gallons 38KKK 15.4 lbs
11,000cc 2.91 gallons 38MMM 24 lbs

Note: Table Data lists the total size of both boobs. 34FFF (May, 2008), 38KKK (July, 2008) and Sheyla wants her 38MMM (11,000cc implants) Boobs restored by December of 2009.

The gallons of Silicone Gel was calculated using 3785.412 cubic centimeters in a gallon. To calculate the weight of her fake boobs, one gram per cubic centimeter density of Silicone Gel was used. The density of Cohesive Silicone Gel breast implants ranges from .97 to 1 gram per cubic centimeter.

In contrast, the World Biggest Boobs belong to Maxi Mounds when her artificial polypropylene string breasts grew to a staggering 36MMM. Each boob weighs 20-pounds (9 kg). Her artificial Almond Mounds holds the Guinness World record for the world’s largest augmented breasts.
Chelsea Charms claims each of her cartoonish Silly (polypropylene) String Boobs weigh 26-pounds and she claims her bust size is 153XXX.

Minka weighs in at 13.5-pounds per Silly String Boob and she claims her bust size is 44KK.

Due to medical complications, Polypropylene breast implants have been banned.

For comparison, Norma Stitz has the world’s largest natural breasts according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Each of her natural Jugs weigh 28-pounds and she is the owner of the biggest bra ever made with a 120XXX bust.

Fun Facts:

  • 1 gallon of silicon gel weighs between 8.095 and 8.345 pounds
  • 1 gallon of fresh water weighs 8.329 pounds at 70°F
  • 1 gallon of cow’s milk weighs between 8.512 and 8.763 pounds
  • 1 gallon of human milk weighs 8.604 pounds
  • 1 gallon of body fat weighs between 7.511 and 7.661 pounds
  • 1 gallon of skeletal muscle weighs 8.846 pounds

Since men in our culture seem to be obsessed with our boobs, the average woman’s bra size is 36C and each breast weighs about one pound.

(2) Sheyla’s first breast augmentation inflated her natural 32B Breasts to 34DD Boobs in 2000. After eight surgeries and a gallon of silicone, Hershey’s Fun Bags were inflated to 34FFF in May of 2008 according to ABC.

According to Boobpedia, Sheyla inflated her Silicone Knockers to 38KKK (3,500cc silicone implants) on July 28, 2008. Sheyla achieved her 45 days of fame when doctors increased her Mountain Mammaries to 38MMM (5,500cc silicone implants) in October of 2008. Sheyla claims the Brazilian edition of Guinness World Records book gave her the title of having the largest augmented breasts in Brazil.

After Sheyla became pregnant, she deflated her beach balls back down to a FFF cup in November of 2008.

During her pregnancy, Sheyla announced she would inflate her Silicone Sacks back to a MMM cup in 2010. After a Boob Restoration Operation in June of 2010, Sheyla suffered from a Staphylococcus aureus infection in both breasts. Dr. Ron Buczek, Hershey’s cosmetic surgeon, removed both breast implants by September of 2010.

In late September of 2011, Sheyla began slowly restoring her Saline Sacks over two month period: 2,500cc of saline liquid was implanted into her reconstructed breasts in Cancun, Mexico and doctors gradually increased the Saline to 4,300cc to produce 38KKK Air Bags.

Sheyla claims her 38KKK Air Bags saved her life after hitting the tree in the ‘middle of the road’ while driving her Mustang home after a Super Bowl party on Feb 5, 2012.

Sheyla claims she will restore her Air Bags to 38MMM Majestic Mountain Mammaries (5,500cc per breast) in 2012.

(3) In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, Photos of Sheyla Hershey were used for the Fair Use of comical commentary. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Good for her-shes gorgeous!!!! Too big is never big enough!

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Etherman,

      I hope everyone knows that this post is about the humor of Bizarre Boobs. Why anyone would risk 12 Breast Implants complications and risks for fake beauty is beyond me.

      The 12 Breast Implants complications and risks are Bottoming Out, Capsular Contracture, Changes in sensation, Deflation/Rupture, Gel Bleed, Hematoma, Infection, Interference with mammography, Mondor’s Cord, Necrosis (Tissue Death), Seroma, and Symmastia.

  2. Whoaaaa … the comments are flip flopped, just like a beach comber

    • Hi Speedcat, has finally implemented threaded comments… allowing the newest comments to be set to the top of the comment page and adding a cool indented reply feature.

  3. I thought you were replying to me!

    I fill my breastest pecs with lettuce and cabbages anyway 😉

    Hi Moneypenny !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello,

    I have a question about filling silicone breasts.Is that possible to fill and make the breast bigger and bigger without surgery for a second time.
    Like a sort of ventil?
    I hope you have an answer for me.
    I write you from the Netherlands.
    Regards Eric

    • Hi Eric,

      Like a Breast Pump (not the breast milk extraction type) ?

      Although this post is a humorous examination of unnatural breasts, silicone cannot be pumped into the breasts. The cohesive silicone gel is contained in a implant shell made from a viscous jelly solid form of silicone which doesn’t leak. Since the texture and characteristics of the implant shell are similar to gummy bears, cohesive silicone gel Breast Implants have been nicknamed Gummy Bear Breast Implants.

      For more information about “rubber” breasts, please contact a Cosmetic Surgeon.

  5. Hi Bobby!

    I bet you would love to have a couple of stainless steel ball bearings implanted in each testicle so the Ladies will hear you coming a mile away! :mrgreen:

  6. Hi Debbie! This makes me want testicular implants so I have melons in my shorts. Ooooo . . . I bet the ladies will love that! :mrgreen:

  7. Hi Speedcat Hollydale and Doc Shoal,

    I’m glad to see Dr. Shoal and your Hollandaise Sauce are UP to the task! :mrgreen:

    I’ve been undercover publishing a new post with Debbie Dolphin in a Fall River Light Tower……

    I doubt my natural sagging breasts can bounce anywhere……

    I’ll hop on Maximus Mounds and bounce on over! 🙂

  8. I was not aware of this ….

  9. My breasest reply to this is up at Shoal’s … not quite as MAXI moundi as this, but still up 😉

    Hiya Moneypenny !!!


    Too late… Dr. Shoals told me to fill Sheyla’s rubber balloons with some condom comedy! 😉

  11. HA HAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot condomn that remark …

  12. Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

    Do U have High Hopes of jiggling her rubber jugs for some rubber juice or are U producing your very own special organic blend of rubber juice? :mrgreen:

    Sorry, U walked into that one and my censor switch shuts off after midnight! 😉

  13. Polypropylene breast implants ??? Really! … can the also be used as rug runners??

    They can’t take away my dignity, cauze the greatest love of all is triple K!! Got Milk, or polystyrene cups with rubber juice 😉

  14. Hi Olga,

    Can you hear the sounds of the Silicone gel crushing her windpipe? 😉

    I hear that Dr. Shoals is hiring Sheyla to bounce under his desk while Nurse Amanda Hugankiss does all the work! :mrgreen:

  15. Just goes to show that JUST BECAUSE you have BIG BOOBS… doesn’t mean you can sing!
    My GAWD!

    Sorry….fake boobs are FAKE BOOBS! Aint nuthin like the real thing baybee…

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