Michael Phelps Bong of Cannabis Comfort

Good Morning, Mr. Phelps… Remember, Mr. Phelps we’re living in the digital age and we’re always being watched… the following Photoshop message and your Frosted Flakes endorsement will self destruct in 5 seconds… Good Luck, Michael…

Good news, Michael… despite the London’s News of the World photo, no criminal charges were filed. Richland County, South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott claims, “He (Phelps) never said, ‘I smoked marijuana.’ We didn’t have physical evidence.”

It could have been worse, Mr. Phelps…

Loading Duct Tape Uranus
Image Source: Crack Kills

You could have ended up on Scot Savage‘s web jokes blog. Duct Taping Uranus is definitely one way to seal the methane gas leaks in order to decrease the effects of Al Gore’s Global Warming and increase the duration of another winter’s Ice Age.

SNL’s Seth Meyers explores his thoughts about Kelloggs dropping Michael Phelps Frosted Flakes endorsement….
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more about “Michael Phelps SNL Really ?|? with Seth“, posted with vodpod

Click HERE to watch clip in Full Screen Hi-Res.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Politicians are 10 years behind the times when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for a long time against pot and hemp prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Bobby!

    I knew that you knew that I knew my comedy was neutral, yet I couldn’t resist messin’ with you as well as noting how certain types of comedy can cause reactions the comedian didn’t expect.

    Since Euell Gibbons shares his Grape-Nuts with me, you would need to force a bowl of Froot Loops down my oral orifice before you can arrest me, Officer Bobby! 😆

  3. Oh I know you took a neutral position and just shed a little humor on the situation. No disclaimers ever needed! I guess by societal standards, cereal isn’t illegal . . . but perhaps it should be hahahaha. Imagine being locked away for eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Overall, people still like him for being a great swimmer, but I bet he did eat several bowls after getting high! 😆

  4. Hi Bobby,

    It is always interesting to see how certain comedy can cause so many different reactions. I hope readers know I was not condemning or condoning Michael’s actions.

    Perhaps, adding a disclaimer like this,

    In this undercover case, the subtle humor is about the Pot calling the kettle black… Michael cannot smoke dope but he can push sugar cereals like Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes etc. Can you say OOT-Fray OOPS-Lay? :mrgreen:

    will help? 🙂

  5. I think marijuana should be legalized nation wide . . . period. There are far worse things in this world to worry about. It’s OK for presidential candidates to admit cocaine use and swill shots of whiskey, but it’s not OK for Michael Phelps to take a bong hit . . . for crying out loud.

    I do love the picture Debbie and have to have a bowl of Fruit Loops to quell my munchies LOL! 🙂

  6. Can’t wait !! Till then, I will be in the swamp.

  7. Spammers have such high standards, don’t they ???

    Hi Moneypenny !!!!! hug hug …. and I know nothing about no shinxes. Ha haaaa 🙂

    • Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

      Ha Haa… Spammers with High moral standards?

      @ “and I know nothing about no sphinxes” : a great setup line with remarkable timing for my next post scheduled for tomorrow… for a small clue, the post is what happens when you blow the Duct Tape off Uranus! :mrgreen:

      Hug, hug Speedy!!!!

  8. So Michael Phelps is a guy who drinks at parties smokes a little gambles on high stakes games of beer pong and is the all time greatest Olympic medal winner he sounds like a pretty cool guy to me. Michael Phelps is an American hero he did a tremendous amount of work to achieve what he did. After the pride the country felt with the each gold medal Phelps won in China, how can Americans now fault the man for smoking a glass pipe at a college party. Michael Phelps is a real hero a normal person who has persevered and defied odds to accomplish something amazing not an icon of social moral servitude.


    • Hi Mr. SunflowerPipes Spammer,

      Generally, I delete Spammers… except… your preaching about drug use versus acceptable moral behavior is hilarious considering my post is humor. Last time I checked, this is my comedy blog not your Sunflower Pipes sales commercial.

  9. I Subscribe 2 Post .. Hehehee

  10. I Did Not Inhale … I Passed The Gas

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