Britney Spears, the Spokeswoman for Wordless Beaver Wednesday

Oops, She did it again*
Apparently, Britney Spears was a victim of a vagina malfunction and a microphone malfunction during her Live Circus Concert in Tampa, Florida on March 08, 2009…

beavershave Britney performed her circus trick after singing “I’m A Slave 4 U” while she was lowered underneath the stage to change costumes. The Pop Princess exclaimed, “My P^$$& Is Hanging Out…”

According to NSFW Photos, it appears that Nurse Hugankiss shaved the Pop Tart’s Beaver before Britney flashed her Bald Beaver on stage.

*The Paparazzi caught Britney flashing her private bald genitalia as she was getting out of the car at the MTV 2007 VMAs on Sep 9, 2007…

Sarah Silverman’s realistic impression of Britney’s tulips (SFW):

Loading Sarah's Tulips

Image source: Zimbio

With Amy’s Vagina Kazoo skills, I’m surprised Amy G wasn’t invited to open Britney’s Circus Concert…

Amy G., the Amazing Kazoo Player, played the American national anthem with her vagina kazoo

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. speedcathollydale

    CLASSIC MONEYPENNY !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have seen a few beavers in my time but never one that played a Kazoo..something else to add to the “Bucket List”…:)

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Robert,

      I’m surprised you didn’t notice Amy uses all three orifices: mouth, beaver, and uranus at the end of her performance! :mrgreen:

      For peak performance, I hope she color codes each kazoo for the proper orifice! 😉

  3. I read that Britney Spear’s concert tickets are $500.00 each. Who on earth would pay that much? When I was a teen, tickets for any concert was like $20.00 at the most hahaha! I thought for sure her career would be over by now, because the girl can’t sing 😯

  4. Hoooooo WEEEE cotchie cootchie cootchie …. just like Charo used to say to Merel Stubbing and Gopher hole.

    I guess I don’t feel so bad about my open FLY incident last week anymore 😉

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Speedy,

      You two should open up a Lemonade Stand…
      you can add the Sugar and Britney can add the Spice
      and everything (Not so?) Nice. 😉

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