Lifting the Curse of the Chicken Man

Believe it or not, the famous Rooster Rider of Hollydale wasn’t involved with Lifting the Curse of the Chicken Man… Speedy Chickencat of Hollydale, Minnesota had nothing to do with this fowl play…

Loading KFC Chicken men

Japanese Baseball fans of the Hanshin Tigers hope the 24-year old curse of the Chicken Man aka Colonel Sanders will be lifted as his dismembered submerged statue was lifted out of Osaka’s Dotonbori River. During a search for unexploded bombs, Divers discovered the Statue of the Chicken Man on March 10th, 2009, the day of last week’s Wordless Chicken Tuesday.

Apparently, fans who resembled each player jumped into the river after their team won the national championship. However, no fan came close to looking like Randy Bass, the former first baseman and bearded power hitter of the Minnesota Twins. The crowd decided the life-size statue of the KFC legend looked like Randy and tossed Colonel Sanders into the river. According to Urban Legend, the Hanshin Tigers sunk into a slump when the Chicken Man was lost in the river.

According to the Mainichi Daily News: “The Colonel ended up at the bottom of the river in 1985, when delirious Hanshin Tigers fans celebrating the team’s first Central League title in 21 years decided the figure bore a striking resemblance to Tigers slugger Randy Bass and, lifting it off its base in front of the Dotonbori Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, gave the Colonel a victory toss. The fans put a little too much energy into the toss, and the Colonel Sanders figure went over the railing of the Ebisu Bridge and into the river. Since the statue’s victory dive into the Dotonbori, searches for the statue were undertaken, but none with any success.”

Image Sources: AP photo, the statue of Colonel Sanders

Biography of Senator Randy Bass
Speedy Chickencat, a Rooster Rider?… I hope that male Rooster Riding means something different in Hollydale… What are the odds that two bearded men from Minnesota resemble Colonel Harland Sanders, the Chicken Man of KFC?

Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

Speedy Leipreachán-cat has turned green from drinking a Lean, Green, and Mean Beer…


Green Rooster is a Malt Liquor brewed by Neptun, a Holland Brewer.

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad. (A light heart lives longest.)

For more chicken comedy, please fly over to the Hollydale Coop

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. green ween the morphy beer machine?

  2. pEEKING Duck hIdEn kikin !!!

  3. Maybe if they can find yours Robert they can find mine too!! Walter would be thrilled.

    BTW…when you get that translated please drop over and let me know what it says.

    I really am going to have to become more Google efficient.

    Terima kasih dan salam!

    Jackie……undercover as Shinade….don;t tell!!

    • Hi Shinade,

      I hope Robert can find the fountain of youth while he is looking for his virginity in Japanese (or 0007 Chinese) waters! 😀

      Terima kasih atas nama kode rahasia, Agent Jackie undercover! 🙂

      P.S. your undercover secret is safe as long as Speedy 0007 doesn’t spy on your comment! 🙂

  4. I used traditional chinese to be secret chicken hidden beek

    • Hi Speedcat,

      Ahso, the old Bond 0007 double switch-a-roo… from Japanese Chicken Man, you fly to the Mainland to create secret comical Chinese code and my translation reads:

      Flappy Poulterianni you in order to set up a new Web log吗? No, but where there is one. I think Robert is on behalf of the author. Out now at my own pursuit of a coward.

  5. Robert’s virginity??? … that was on Leonard Nemoy’s “In Search Of” wasn’t it??? OK, my age is showing there!

    After digging WCT out of the river bottom, it has been cursed by the chicken blogger “Flappy Poulterianni”, also an ex MN Twins player. Bearded people are so problematic.
    Headed back to list you as a feature of the week !!!

  6. I wonder if they found my virginity down there I lost it a long time ago…

    • Hi Robert,


      場合は、森の中で、性別、これがないと周りに聞いては、同じ方法は、あなたの処女を失う、と、スピーディSpeedcat Hollydale最終的に拍手をラウンドされますか? :mrgreen:

      Translate this using Google for the comical mistranslation, let me know what you read, and I will post my original comical question for comparison!

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