Amanda Holden Lettuce Grease Talent

British actress and Britains Got Talent Judge Amanda Holden turned over a New Leaf for PETA in 2002 by Holden Lettuce…

Loading Holden Lettuce
Photo Source: PETA UK

Hopping for PETA in Lettuce Lingerie

Apparently, the versatile vegetarian enjoys discussing her telescopic nipples in men’s magazines. Hopefully, her telescoping nipples will not spoil her Lettuce Lingerie before dinner.

In 2007, Amanda greased her nipples with Vaseline before running 26 miles in the London Marathon for the The Born Free Foundation, a animal charity. Hopefully, Amanda didn’t go Vaseline crazy like Tyra Banks

The Vaseline Factor by Tyra Banks

Petroleum products attract bacteria and dirt which weaken our skin. Petroleum jelly closes the pores of our skin as well as the pores of plant leaves. Ironically, some Vegetarians don’t realize petroleum jelly products like Vaseline kills plant life like lettuce yet, they use Vaseline to lubricate their nipples and tulips.

Surprisingly, some Vegetarians seem to be more concerned about animal rights than their own body.

Photo Source: PETA 2
Yes, you are a tasty nutritious nugget after we, the People Eating Tasty Animals cook your chicken breasts.

Ironically, PETA Vegetarians believe eating meat is wrong while some Vegetarians grease themselves in Vaseline. Moisturizers made from organic plant based oils do not suffocate the pores because they are very similar to our skin’s oils. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut butter are some examples of natural moisturizers used to protect and rejuvenate our skin.

Recently, Amanda Holden was stunned by Britain’s new singing sensation, Susan Boyle. If you have not seen Susan’s performance, please click HERE.

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  1. I wear a loin cloth and a bandanna

  2. I think I may post a T.T. in response ((wink))

    Vaseline??? I did not know anyone used that anymore. What about da utter creame Lena???

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