American Fräulein in the Wrong Love Parade?

From the Summer of Love(1) to the Love Parade(2), did an American Fräulein find herself in the wrong Love Parade?

Loading Love Parade
“Topp-Stimmung: Eine mit einem Bikini-Top bekleidete Love-Parade-Teilnehmerin (2. v. li.) blickt von einem Partywagen herab.”(3)

Ironically, Germany has kept the Love Parade alive for 20 years(4) while San Francisco switched to the Gay Pride Parade for the last 37 years…

Loading Gay Moobs

It takes a man to swing these Moobs (fake Man Boobs).

two_in_loveAfter successful procreation for 12 millennia, is this the year to Come Out for a Heterosexual Pride Parade? ;)

In unrelated news, did Speedy Roostercat survive the Onion’s Cockfight?

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(1) About 100,000 Hippies gathered at Haight-Ashbury during the Summer of 1967. San Francisco was the center of the hippie revolution, free love, music, and psychoactive drugs.

(2) Dr. Motte, alias Matthias Roeingh, organized Berlin’s first Love Parade 20 years ago on July 1st, 1989. Using the motto, “Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen” (Peace, joy, pancake), Dr. Motte’s Love Parade was a official demonstration for peace and disarmament using the new Techno music as a means of understanding, and pancakes symbolized the equitable distribution of food.

(3) Roughly translated as “Top Sentiment: A Bikini-clad Top Love Parade participant (2nd from left.) looks down in a party wagon.

(4) Due to security concerns, the scheduled Love Parade 2009 was canceled. The city of Bochum was not equipped to handle the techno dancers and large crowds.

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