ObamaCare: Dr. Shoal Says Rationing your Health is Patriotic

In another Miss Moneypenny undercover exclusive, Obama’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Shoal, says rationing your health is patriotic…

Americans understand that sacrificing for the Health Administration Bureau is the utmost priority…less is more with rations -the rational choice.

Health Administration Bureau, July 20, 2009

According to the Health Administration Bureau, Dr. Shoal’s delirious statements began after the good Doctor was infected by Obamacare’s Witch Doctor…

Loading Dr. ObamaCare
Photo Source: Rob Zombie
Is that the blood of Miss Piggy on Dr. ObamaCare’s hands?

Could Swine Flu be the Root Cause of Dr. Shoal’s rationing disease?

The background for the above satire is based on the following information:

Compare the number of legalese pages (1,018) of the Health Care Reform H.R.3200 to the number of clear strait-forward handwritten pages (4 pages plus 1 page for the letter of transmittal and 1 page contains the Bill of Rights) of the U.S. Constitution. Laws are only “complicated” when politicians are trying get something past u.s.

H.R.3200 is a very long complex legal bill which has been used to convey disinformation from a number of different left and right sources. To help u.s. translate and understand H.R.3200, please visit Don’t Tread on Medicine by MOCKBADOC.

With ObamaCare, you will pay more for less benefits… Now, that’s the Change Obama will leave with you that You Can Believe In.

For additional serious information about ObamaCare (H.R.3200), please visit:
ObamaCare: the Hidden Truth

10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care when compared to the Socialized Government Healthcare of Canada and Europe

Facts vs. Obama: Obama’s Health Care News Conference

The Great Irony Of Health Reform: Middle Class, Not Rich, Get Shaft

Will the media give President Obama a pass for breaking the public trust on middle-class taxes and medical care?

Life or Death – How the Fed is running Healthcare now

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Well, that makes total sense. Rationality is being rationed too, clearly.

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Chris,

      @ “Rationality is being rationed too, clearly.” : Very True. Instead of discussing the facts of the Bill with Americans, Obama and his Democratic Congress are clearly intent on passing Universal Healthcare at all costs.

      Will Obama Tax and Spend his way out of the $12 trillion deficit he helped to create or pass his debt onto our children?

  2. Very good points MP

    As they claim the war of lies exploding, the truth is right there in writing. It’s like a kid that painted a green frog, and then gets upset when everyone does not see it as orange …

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Senator Speedy,

      LMAO… Reminds me of It’s Not easy being Green Orange Frogs and the anecdote of the frogs who are unaware that they are being slowly boiled alive by Obama.

  3. What surprises me most is that people still believe Obama … even after he has proven over and over and over that whatever comes out of his mouth is BS.

    They can now lie in Washington, and the sheep lay down and just take it in.

    I have seen many family members saved by excellent health care. They would be in the grave under ObamaCare. This I have no question.

    This is NOT the way. It fixes nothing. It destroys so much.

    I do not want to EVER see another liberal blog displaying a “we need research for” ( fill in disease ). They are supporting a system that kills off research. Is this just to logical to understand to some? I suppose if you were not paying taxes and not insured ( living off me – or mommy ), this might sound good. That is the only instance I can think of!

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Senator Speedy,

      I don’t understand why any American adult would exchange their freedom for Obama’s Nanny State which will cost everyone more for less healthcare.

      If Barack continues to spin his disinformation then Liberals who want government healthcare should be the only ones ‘supported’ by Obama’s ‘free’ tax Nanny State.

      Unfortunately, H.R.3200 will regulate our private healthcare if the Bill passes without our consent.

      P.S. I wonder how many Liberals will understand the point of the Rationing Healthcare satire?

      Ironically, the left and right are disagreeing on whether the Bill Rations healthcare. Links to the key section of the Bill and the Law it references are included so that both sides can read the layers of crap that Count Craptacular, aka Barack Obama, is pushing though Congress:

      HR 3200: Section 102 – (2) SEPARATE, EXCEPTED COVERAGE PERMITTED– Excepted benefits (as defined in section 2791(c) of the Public Health Service Act) are not included within the definition of health insurance coverage.

      This means the following benefits are not covered by Obama’s new (Public Option) government health insurance:

      1. Accident or disability
      2. Liability coverage
      3. Workers’ compensation
      4. Injuries sustained in automobile accidents
      5. Dental
      6. Vision
      7. Long-term care
      8. Nursing home care
      9. Home health care

      per the Public Health Service Act, Section 2791(c).

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