ObamaCare: Every breath you take, Obama will be Watching You

Every breath you take,

Every move you make,

Every American bond Obama breaks,

Every Bailout Obama creates,

Obama will be watching you.

Every single day,

Every word you say,

Every Free Speech truth you make,

Every Townhall we shake,

Obama will be watching you.

Oh, why can’t you see,

You belong to me,

How Pelosi’s heart aches,

With every protest you make.

Every Healthcare plan Obama takes,

Every Constitutional vow Obama breaks,

Every smile Obama fakes,

Every false claim Obama makes,

Obama will be watching you.

Obama will be watching you,

Obama will be watching you,

Obama will be watching you…


Music Lyrics Background

“Every breath you take, Obama will be watching you” was written by Miss Moneypenny who is a Constitutional Conservative Comedienne.
*This Song of Satire Parody is based on reading ObamaCare H.R. 3200 as revealed in the following Related ObamaCare Posts:

Sing this ObamaCare Parody using the tune of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

Loading Barack Hussein Obama M.D. (Mandatory Death?)
Photo Source:Miss Moneypenny doctored Jeff Head’s Dr. Obama
With ObamaCare, your obedience to Big Brother Obama is mandatory.


(1) Since my singing talents cannot compete with The Police, any Satire Singer is welcome to sing this song. If you do create a music video, please post a comment here so I can link to your performance.

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*Links to this Post:
Obama’s fiscal commission co-chair: Oh, by the way, ObamaCare doesn’t really lower costs

Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Every breath you take, Obamacare will watch you. You are so right about this. He learned that from the socialized European public healthcare system. If we dont either stop that nonsense before it begins or reverse that nonsense in 2010 than we are screwed. People in Europe know that public healthcare system is bancrupt after 50 years, but they are so struck in it that there is no way of getting out anymore. If they would reverse it the entire social system would break apart. God Bless you and keep up with the good work. I look forward to read alot more of your posts.

    Tom Lehner

  2. OMFG! Did you make up those lyrics? Hilarious@!!!

  3. Why MS. CPU, you are becoming so political in your MM picks! but, they are creative and put a smile on my face!!

    Some of it’s scary huh? But, wow, don;t you know they’ve really been following us for a long,long time.

    One must always always wear their aluminum foil hats!!

    Happy MM!

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Jackie,

      Do you wear an aluminum foil hat like Hillary Clinton? 😉 (wink, wink)

      Is it True,
      Lubing aluminum Foil,
      With Olive Oil,
      Will prevent Brain Spoil? 😉

      @ “But, wow, don;t you know they’ve really been following us for a long,long time.” : If true then do we have any private freedoms?

      Unfortunately, ObamaCare H.R. 3200 as currently written is about controlling our healthcare benefits (a Health Card will be used to determine our eligibility to health services) and controlling our Doctor’s decisions (a National Health Board [Ref. H.R.3200 Sec 123 Health Benefits Advisory Committee] will determine if the Doctor’s treatment is allowed).

      Freedom required only 6 clearly written pages when the Constitution was originally written. The Socialist Control of ObamaCare requires 1,018 pages to limit, restrict, and/or destroy our natural freedoms.

      Hugs and Happy Music Monday 🙂

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