Can Gore’s Hot Air heat Obama’s Sub-Zero Approval Rating?

Can Al Gore’s Hot Air raise Obama’s Chilling Approval index of -15?

The pseudo-science of EnvironMentalist Al Gore

Loading Thawing Barack

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Is Obama’s Climate Change hard to BEAR?

Despite the inconvenient truth of the ClimateGate, Obama is determined to tax u.s. for the hottest hoax around.

Copenhagen Con men plan on taxing the life-giving gas we exhale.

Global Warming climatologists use the Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect of their Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory to proclaim that Carbon-dioxide emissions increase the heat in the atmosphere. They believe that the man-made carbon overload of burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas is causing Global Warming.

They believe that the man-made carbon overload can be measured by CO2, the leading Climate driver of heat-trapping Greenhouse gases, yet, the presence of man-made CO2 in the atmosphere is negligible at 1.67 ppmv ([13.4 gigatonnes / 3093 gigatonnes]* x 386 ppmv in 2009).

Current CO2 concentration is 386 ppmv (NOAA global index 2009) which is 0.0386 percent. At 0.0386 percent (made-made + natural), CO2 is a ‘trace’ gas in the atmosphere and absorbs an insignificant amount of heat energy from the sun compared to water vapor, the primary Greenhouse gas, which captures 99.8% of solar heat. Measuring the insignificant CO2 gas in the atmosphere for Carbon Control by taxing Carbon only gives the elite ruling class more money and power over u.s.

*Note that the majority of CO2 emissions are natural and kept in balance by natural Carbon sinks (both biological and physical processes) that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For example, the natural decay of organic material plus forest fires releases about 439 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide every year, while new growth counteracts this effect, absorbing 450 gigatonnes per year. Likewise, the oceans emit 332 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide and absorbs around 338 gigatonnes of CO2 per year. Source: The Natural Carbon Cycle, 2007

In 2009, man-made CO2 emissions were 30.4 gigatonnes which were reduced 56 percent by the biosphere and oceans to 13.4 gigatonnes.

CO2 is 386 ppmv which is 587 ppm by mass. The mass of air, 5.27×10^18kg x 0.000587 = 3.093×10^15kg = 3093 gigatonnes

Bottom line: Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat.

Climate change and global temperatures is caused by many dynamic variables from Solar Activity and Water Vapor to land use and ocean cycles. According to David H. Rind, the recent lack of Global Warming was caused by reduced Solar irradiance. Source: “How will Earth’s surface temperature change in future decades?” published in the Geophysical Research Letters on August 16th, 2009

Since man-made CO2 in negligible, no Government Carbon tax will decrease the Global Warming of Solar Heat.
In Gore’s ‪Inconvenient Marriage‬, Tipper’s Cold Front was tired of riding Al’s Heat Wave.

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Turn Down the Heat on Climate-Gate

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Can Gore’s Hot Air heat Obama’s Sub-Zero Approval Rating? is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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