Al Gore’s Climate Change Carbon Scheme

Australia doesn’t want Al Gore cashing in(1) on the Copenhagen Carbon Credit tax scam…

The pseudo-science of EnvironMentalist Al Gore

Loading Gore's Cash

Photo Satire: ©2009 Miss Moneypenny Satire

Climate Change Ka-Ching makes Gore Sing

After the Senate rejected the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, electricity prices fell by 3.7 percent and Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard claimed the “cap and trade” carbon scheme would be introduced again in 2010.

In May, 2009, Australia’s government proposed stabilizing CO2-equivalent concentrations of greenhouse gases by reducing CO2-equivalent emissions from the current level about 386 ppm to 368 ppm, a 5 percent reduction to 2000 total CO2 level. The proposed allowance cap would cost $A10 or about $US9 per metric tonne of carbon dioxide in 2010.

Domestic Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) are the European and Australian version of Cap and Trade (Crap and Tax). Both Schemes (scams) attempt to combat climate change by monitoring the emission of carbon dioxide to limit or ‘Cap’ industrial Greenhouse gas emissions.

There are 2 main components to the ETS and the Cap and Trade scam…

1. There is no limit on polluting emissions as long as the company surrenders one emission allowance for every metric tonne of carbon dioxide they emit. Although companies can purchase allowances (government permit aka a tax) that cannot exceed the emissions level cap, they can trade them allowing companies to decide whether buying additional emission allowances from low emission companies or reducing their emissions is more economical.

2. Man-made carbon dioxide CO2 is a insignificant contributor to Greenhouse gas and global warming. At 386 ppm or 0.0386 percent (made-made + natural), CO2 is a ‘trace’ gas in the atmosphere and absorbs an insignificant amount of heat energy from the sun compared to water vapor, the primary Greenhouse gas, which captures 99.8% of solar heat.

Man-made carbon overload, as measured by CO2 at 1.67 ppmv (0.000167 percent), is a negligible driver of heat-trapping Climate Change.

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After Julia Gillard said “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” during her 2010 campaign, the Gillard Government introduced carbon tax scheme that became effective on July 1st, 2012…

“There Will Be No Carbon Tax” under Julia Gillard’s government

To be fair, Julia Gillard’s carbon tax scheme is slightly better than a government carbon tax where companies are taxed for their carbon (CO2) emissions. Gillard’s carbon package is an emissions trading scheme with emission permits starting at $23 per metric tonne of carbon dioxide that will be increased by 2.5 per cent over the next two years. Although the government may initially issue free emission permits, Electric companies may pass on the cost of buying emission permits from low emission companies to consumers.

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(1) Al Gore’s venture capital firm invested $6 million in Hara Software, a company that sells software to track the changes in greenhouse gas emissions. According to Chief Executive Amit Chatterjee, the $2.5 billion market will grow to $25 billion when the “cap-and-trade” legislation is enacted.

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Al Gore’s Climate Change Carbon Scheme is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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