Keith ‘Mad Dog’ Olbermann, Obama’s puppet of Global Warming

Olbermann, the puppet of Liberal elitists, claims FOX created the story of ClimateGate…

Is Keith Olbermann another U.N.Fair and U.N.Balanced puppet of Obama?

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Photo Source: ©2009 Miss Moneypenny Satire

Prisoner of Obama’s Policies

When did mainstream news start using Fake news like the Daily Show in reporting the facts?

Instead of objectively reporting the news, Keith ‘Mad Dog’ Olbermann claims Fox News cooked up the phony scandal of Climategate.

Anyone who is online can fact check ‘Mad Dog’ Olbermann’s phony claim…

On November 20th, 2009, James Delingpole, British journalist for the Telegraph Blogs, coined the term, ‘Climategate’ after Anthony Watts posted breaking news about the hacking of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit on On November 19th, 2009.

Although James Delingpole was the first to use ‘Climategate’ in a news story, James credits an anonymous commenter named “Bulldust” on the Watts Up With That blog as the person who invented the name, ‘Climategate.’

‘Climategate’ began on November 17th, 2009 after discovering a server at was breached. On November 19th, 2009, the 160 MB archive file containing the Climategate data and eMails was uploaded to a server in Tomsk, Russia and copied to numerous locations across the Internet.

Thomas L. Friedman of the NY Times noted he was disappointed to discover a leading climate scientist used a “trick” to “hide the decline.”

Contrary to Obama’s Crap & Trade (Cap & Tax) scam to reduce man-made carbon emissions, man-made CO2 does Not contribute to Climate Change. Since vegetation breathes in the carbon dioxide humans exhale, CO2 is NOT a pollutant. The Sun and Solar Storms is the primary driver of Global Warming.

Loading Solar Flare

Solar Flare with the Third Rock from the Sun shown to scale. At 250,000 miles long, Solar Flares are about 32 times the diameter of the Earth at the equator (7,926 miles). Researchers believe fluctuations in Solar Activity cause Climate Change on Earth.

Man-made carbon overload, as measured by CO2 at 1.67 ppmv (0.000167 percent), is a negligible driver of heat-trapping Climate Change.

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Keith Olbermann – calls ClimateGate a “made up” Fox News Story

“Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. OH. OH the irony.” -Jon Stewart

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Keith ‘Mad Dog’ Olbermann, Obama’s puppet of Global Warming is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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