Martha Coakley is a Lockstep Liberal of Obamunism

Martha Coakley is a Lockstep Liberal for Clinton, Menino, and Obama…

Loading Barack-in Martha Coakley
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Bill loves Barack-in’ Martha Coakley
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Miss Moneypenny Martha Coakley is a Lockstep Liberal for Clinton, Menino, and Obama. #MaSen #sgp #tcot #tlot

11:32 AM Jan 18, 2010 To keep the Culture of Corruption in Power, Kennedys push to elect Coakley #tcot #MaSen

10:18 PM Jan 15, 2010

Mach1Broker Bob Wray, Realtor

No looked at him RT @moneypenny008: Did the Coakley Coward look Other Way? #sgp #tcot #MaSen

4:45 PM Jan 15, 2010

She did… Truth is to liberals as a garlic is to vampires: Truth repels them every time.

4:53 PM Jan 15, 2010 “everyone knows I don’t tolerate corruption” – Bill Clinton Video @ #tcot #sgp

4:12 PM Jan 15, 2010 Barack Clown needs to know What has Twitter done 4 Scott Brown? #tcot #sgp

9:17 PM Jan 14, 2010 Is Brown gaining Momentum to stop the Coakley Clown? #sgp #tcot #tlot #MaSen

11:08 AM Jan 14, 2010

hollydale hollydale

I like re-runs … yep. I also like to tweet about nothing while evertone else is trying to save the world … yep

10:59 PM Jan 11, 2010

@hollydale You could always help Bill in Mass.

11:01 PM Jan 11, 2010

GovKaineBrow Bobnoxious

@moneypenny008 way too much trouser detail hanging to the left on ole Wille

10:55 PM Jan 11, 2010

@GovKaineBrow Did Hillary forget to club Bill’s Bed Snake again? 😉

11:05 PM Jan 11, 2010

GovKaineBrow Bobnoxious

How come BHO ain’t going to MA to pimp for Coakley in #MaSen? #EmperorHasNoCoatTails #tcot #sgp

10:43 PM Jan 11, 2010

@GovKaineBrow Obama sent Bill to Barack the Coakley Clown. #MaSen #tcot #tlot

10:47 PM Jan 11, 2010

#PleaseExplainWhy Bill loves backing the Coakley Clown? #MaSen #tcot #tlot

10:04 PM Jan 11, 2010 Stop the Coakley Clown by voting 4 Brown ~ Operation 41 for Freedom. #tcot #tlot

10:07 AM Jan 11, 2010 Will Operation 41 for Freedom stop the Coakley Clown? #tcot #tlot

9:55 PM Jan 10, 2010 – Bill Clinton is Barack-in’ Martha Coakley. #tcot

12:23 AM Jan 10, 2010

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