Keeping Abreast of Breast Cancer

Singapore is keeping Abreast of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by painting a new picture of self-examining our mammary mounds of joy…

Photo Credit: Andy Yang Soo Kit(1)

Are you obsessed with a Big Butt or the right things?

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Save your
Photo Credit: Miss Moneypenny

Bam, Slam, thank you Mammogram

Are you in the Pink with Prevention?

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In honor of Bam, Slam, thank you Mammogram, Lu Mitchell, satirical folk song writer, relieves the pain of breast compression by singing her Mammogram Song…

For Music Monday, Mamas Got Her Boobs Out
by Rodney Carrington


I remember way back, when i was just a boy
goin’ places with my mom and dad
It used to scare me to death,
how mamma used to act
after six or seven beers she’s had
We were sittin’ at a table,
when mamma got disabled,
all the liquor runnin’ through her head
Soon i got to chokin’, daddy wasn’t jokin’,
when he grabbed me by the arm and said

Don’t look now, mamma’s got her boobs out,
showin’ everybody in town
Faces turnin’ red,
we were wishin’ we were dead
There were people standin’ all around, yeah
When mamma get to drinkin,
there ain’t much thinkin’
There’s nothing anybody can do
you just hope and pray
there never comes a day,
when mamma’s out drinkin’ with you

Well, we got her in a truck,
and we started drivin’ home,
when mamma said she had to go
Daddy pulled over,
we were standin’ on a shoulder,
while mom was puttin’ on a show
Well, he started up the truck,
and mamma stood up,
with the pants still around her knees
When we heard mamma holler
if you give me a dollar,
i’ll let you take a peek at these

Don’t look now, mamma’s got her boobs out,
showin’ everybody in town
Faces turnin’ red,
we were wishin’ we were dead
There were people standin’ all around
When mamma get to drinkin’,
There ain’t much thinkin’
There’s nothing anybody can do
you just hope and pray
there never comes a day,
when mamma’s out drinkin with you.

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(1) Breast Cancer print Ads by DDB for the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hopefully the booth will be busy this year

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hello Boob Inspector 0069,

      Since Obamacare has passed, will Liberal Ladies bust out of their bras for Speedcat’s FM (Free Mammogram) inspection? 😉

      If the Obamacare FM event turnout is poor then please contact The Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobies at:

      Jordan Carver,

      Borsala Meszaros,

      The Swinger,

      Heidi Montag,
      Sheyla Hershey

      No doubt, 0069 can convince them to bounce their Boobies and Bust out of their bras to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 🙂

  2. Hi Miss MoneyPenny,

    I try to be obsessed with the right things, how ever due to temptations and a bit of human nature and I suppose a bit of plain old fun, my mind wonders off to the not so right things and ends up focusing on things like Breasts and Touches.

    Watched the video, I can say quite positively that my Mother never let her boobs out, but that is due to the fact that she never drank that much.

    I do remember her favorite alcoholic mixed drink was called a Bloody Mary. She just knew when to say enough was enough. LOL 🙂 I think growing up and entering my own stages of drinking that it took me longer to figure that one out than it did for her. LOL 🙂 I do remember when it was that I had figured it out, one night waking up and finding I missed my cookies all over the front of my new suit and I was supposed to be going out on a hot date and that messed that whole event up. So from then on, I learned my lesson that she already knew. LOL 🙂

    Yes I am fully aware that Breast Cancer is something that Women have to pay close attention too because it can effect Women of almost any age.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful Post Miss MoneyPenny, I love you sweetie 🙂

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Hi Wild Phil,

      We (men? and women) will always be right with Boob Obsession. As painful as Mammograms are, early detection saved my breast.

      Every year after a Blue Martini or Blue Hawaiian Martini to ease the pain, I let my Boobs air out so that the Mammography Technician can crush my cupcakes into Oreo cookies.

      Thank you for your excellent comment, Ma chérie j’adore you xoxo 🙂

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