The Family Feud of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

Have we been watching the Family Feud of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin?

Loading Sarah O'Palin
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Sarah is the Change that Barack Hopes For.

Since Sarah is not tanned in this Photoshop photo, please note the subtle morph differences.

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According to genealogists at, Obama and Palin could be different Branches of the same Family Tree. researchers discovered that Obama and Palin are 10th cousins through their common ancestor, John Smith (see Note 1), a early settler in 17th-century Massachusetts and pastor who opposed the persecution of Quakers.

John Smith’s wife, Susannah Hinckley, was the sister of Thomas Hinckley who was one of the first governors of the Plymouth Bay colony. Ironically, Hinckley’s father, Samuel, is the familial link between Obama and George Dubya Bush (see Note 2).

For Music Monday,
Sarahcuda, a Barracuda Parody

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The Missing Link of American Politics?
“I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008

How long it will take the people who voted for Obama to realize they indirectly gave Dubya Bush a third term? 

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(1) The Family Tree revealing how Obama and Palin are related…

President’s Pedigree aka The Bloodline of President Obama (Mother’s side)

  • Samuel Hinckley m. Sarah Soole/Soule, 1617, Hawkhurst, Kent, England
  • Susannah Hinckley m. John Smith, 1643, Barnstable, MA
  • Samuel Smith m. Elizabeth Peirce, 1692, Woodbridge, NJ
  • Shubael Smith m. Prudence FitzRandolph, 1716, Woodbridge, NJ
  • Mary Smith m. Jonathan Dunham of Woodbridge, NJ
  • Samuel Dunham of Woodbridge, NJ m. Hannah (Ruble?) in 1775
  • Jacob Dunham m. Catherine Goodnight, 1819, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV)
  • Jacob Mackey Dunham m. Louise Eliza Stroup, 1853, Tipton Co., IN
  • Jacob William Dunham of Kempton, IN and Wichita, KS, m. Mary Ann Kearney, 1887
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham m. Ruth Lucille Armour, 1915, Wichita, KS
  • Stanley Armour Dunham m. Madelyn Lee Payne, 1940, Eldorado, KS
  • Ann Dunham m. Dr. Barack Hussein Obama, 1961, Maui, Hawaii; divorced, 1964
  • President Barack Hussein Obama (b. 1961) m. Michelle L. Robinson, 1992, Chicago, IL

Palin’s Pedigree aka The Bloodline of Sarah Palin

  • Samuel Hinckley m. Sarah Soole
  • Susannah Hinckley m. John Smith, 1643, Barnstable, MA
  • Shubael Smith m. Abigail Skiffe
  • Abigail Smith m. Barnabas Gibbs
  • Susannah Gibbs m. Thomas Claghorn
  • Lydia Claghorn m. Cornelius Norton
  • Susannah Norton m. James Gower
  • Cornelius Norton Gower m. Abigail Collins Hawes
  • Arthur Collins Gower m. Mary Schmolz
  • (James) Carl Gower m. Cora Strong
  • Helen Louise Gower m. Clement J. Sheeran
  • Sarah Sheeran m. Charles R. Heath
  • Sarah Louise Heath m. Todd Palin; she is the Governor of Alaska

(2) The Bloodline of George Dubya Bush

  • Samuel Hinckley m. Sarah Soole
  • Gov. Thomas Hinckley (1619-1706) m. Mary Richards
  • Samuel Hinckley m. Sarah Pope
  • Mary Hinckley m. Samuel Bangs
  • Joseph Bangs m. Thankful Hamlin
  • Lemuel Bangs m. Rebecca Keeler
  • Elijah Keeler Bangs m. Esther Stackhouse
  • Mary Ann Bangs m. Joseph Ambrose Beaky
  • Martha Adela Beaky m. David Davis Walker
  • George Herbert Walker m. Lucretia Wear
  • Dorothy Walker m. Prescott Sheldon Bush
  • George Herbert Walker Bush (born 1924), U. S. President
  • George Walker Bush (born 1946), U. S. President

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