Obama’s Red Sea of Change

Did the total Solstice Lunar Eclipse of December 21st, 2010 rise over Obama’s Red Sea of Change?

Loading the Red Sea of Obamunism
Image Source: ©2009 – 2010 Miss Moneypenny Satire Click to Enlarge Image

Is Obama Drowning America in the Red Sea of Obamunism?

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Loading Solstice Lunar Eclipse
Photo Credit: ©2010 Miss Moneypenny, 3:20 am

On Dec 21st, 2010, a Total Lunar Eclipse occurred on the Winter Solstice. The copper red, luminescent orange color was caused by indirect sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere during the total eclipse when the full moon passed nearly dead-center through the Earth’s shadow for 72 minutes (2:41 am to 3:53 am EST).

According to Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory, the rare Solstice Lunar Eclipse has only occurred twice in 2,010 years. The last Solstice Lunar Eclipse was 372 years ago on Dec 21st, 1638 and the next one will be on Dec 21st, 2094.

Miss Moneypenny

Obama’s Red Recovery $15,498,306,692,627.99 Mar 7, 2012

2:40PM Mar 9, 2012

For Music Monday, Barack Obama Superstar

Music Video Background

Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama sing about America’s new savior Barack H. Obama Superstar.

Obama Christ Superstar,” a parody of Hosanna from Jesus Christ Superstar, was written and performed by the Bob Rivers Show on KZOK 102.5 FM.

The video was created by HerBunk Productions. The voice animation was created by using the application CrazyTalk.


Obama, hey, Bama, Bama, Bama,
O-bama, hey, Bama, Obama.
Hey, Barack you rock.
Would you save our stocks?
Bama, O-bama, hey, Superstar.

[Caiaphas (Rush):]
Tell the liberals to be quiet.
Why does everybody buy it?
He draws a crowd.
He makes them proud.
Tell the press who sing his song,
That they are fools to go along.
They won’t attack,
Because he’s black.

Obama sounds like Osama but he’s not.
Bama, O-bama, hey, Bama.
Barack is like JC, he’s alright by me.
Bama, O-bama, hey, Superstar.

[Jesus Obama:]
No one will be foreclosing on your homes.
Every little child would have some health care.
And each and all of you will,
Prosper in my kingdom.
The war would end at last.
The birds will sing.

Obama, hey, gonna win Obama,
Go Bama, hey, gonna vote Bama.
He beat Hillary, now the GOP.
Bama, O-bama, he’s our Superstar.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

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  1. SHAZAM! Now that’s what I call a reply – my eyebrows blew clean off and stuck to me hat

    • Hi Commander Crunch Hollandaise-sauce

      That’s what happens when you use your Uranus Booster VI… the eMission of G-forces will blow your eyebrows clean off. 😀

  2. I missed that looooona lunar under a blanket o blizzards. I plan to be in space 4 the next one.

    Big smootch from Old Hollydallios !!!!!!!!

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