Tea Time with Supergirl Michele Bachmann

Has SuperGirl Michele Bachmann(1) and the Tea Party terminated Obama’s Days of Corruption?

Loading Days Of Corruption
Image Source: ©2010 Miss Moneypenny Satire Click to Enlarge Image

In 2010, the People will end your Days of Corruption
Rep Michele Bachmann

My Lasso of Transparency will keep me in the Dark, Supergirl.

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The Tea Party Supergirl leaped to the national spotlight with her response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech…

New Balance of Power, January 2011

1 Independent
1 Independent
  • Democrat
  • Republican

Previous Balance of Power, 2010

2 Independents
1 Independent
  • Democrat
  • Republican
Will John Boehner’s Patriotism cure Pelosi’s Pride?
We still would have lost the election because we had 9.5% unemployment. Let’s take it where that came from. The policies of George W. Bush and the Republican support for his initiatives, tax cuts are for the wealth, recklessness by some.

Minority Leader Porkulus Pelosi remarks to CNN’s John King on Jan 6, 2011

Twenty Ten – We’re Going to Take Back America

Music Video Background

Twenty Ten” was written and sung by Lloyd Marcus, Tea Party Spokesperson and author of “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”

Lloyd Marcus is the songwriter and vocalist of the “American Tea Party Anthem.” Lloyd currently serves as president of NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color). For a copy of the song, please visit his website at LloydMarcus.com.

Rep. Bachmann Attacks Obama’s Policies At Tea Party Rally

For Music Monday, D.C. State Of Mind: Jay-Z and Obama Girl Parody

Music Video Background

Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger) and Barack review the first year memories in the White House by singing a parody of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

The music of “D.C. State Of Mind” was created by Jake Chudnow and the Lyrics were written by Rusty Ward and Mark Douglas.


Yeah I’m out that Chi-town
Now I’m at the White House
Battling with congress
Can’t believe they’re so dumb
Never get a thing done

Im still popular
But my support is waining
Running the country
Is harder than campaigning

Used to have some random chick
Sing about how much she loves me
Now I get these random dudes
Yelling what they think of me

And since I made it here
Can’t believe it’s been a year
Yeah I’ve been traveling…everywhere

I used to use a bus pass
Now Im venting steam saying:

Kanye is a Jack Ass
Swattin’ flys like I’m a ninja

Right there in my stash spot
16 hundred Penn Ave

In D.C.
These lettered streets with confuse you
Fox News will abuse you
Now you’re in D.C.
Congress peeps be voting on party lines
Ignoring important signs
Let’s hear it for D.C.!

Ya Im the new Clinton
But without the cheating
I do that to Michelle
Shed throw me a beating

I won the Nobel
It’s one they claim I dont deserve though
Think based on the last pres
They was gradin’ on a curve -yo

They caught me watching YouTube
on my Blackberry
They got all freaked out
They gave it back to Barry
You should know I kept it, but I ain’t a nerd though
I Gotta have my gadgets…hidden in my shirt though

Tried to use my Jedi Force
couldn’t really change the course
This Congress is a sack of s$#%
bunch of old geezer pr*cks

One hand in the air inauguration
Tax-cheats, cabinet, what a crazy nation
Too bad it’s the same old congress here
They get nothing done they should solve it with Beeeer,
(Everybody say yes we maybe ca-a-a-a-a-n!)

In D.C.
With all this weight on your shoulders, you’ll look 10 years older
Now you’re in D.C.
These cats, they will interrupt you, and try to corrupt you
D.C. seems nerve racking….and tiring…and borderline not worth it…

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(1) Michele Bachmann is best known as the Queen of the Right and the Heroine of the Tea Party. Michele boldly opposed government spending and Obamacare. Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann voted against “the failed Pelosi trillion-dollar stimulus,” and Obamacare. Michele won a third term this past November.

*Note: Miss Moneypenny posts Political Satire on Twitter at http://twitter.com/moneypenny008 and Twitpic at http://twitpic.com/photos/moneypenny008. Readers can also view my tweets and Twitter conversations at http://tweetree.com/moneypenny008.

My WordPress Blog will be used to archive selected Political Satire tweets.

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  1. She’s a expletive deleted awful woman. A typical American deluded right winger. She despises homosexuality and thinks evolution is “just a theory”. It is a level of stupidity that makes George Bush look like Einstein.

    • Miss Moneypenny

      Can you please cite your source(s) that proves the Theory of Evolution is a scientific fact, a fact supported by verifiable experimental or empirical data, or objective verifiable observations?

      Can you explain how a one cell organism acquired the knowledge to determine which mutations were beneficial to the development of complex creatures?

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