Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T. of the NFL

Will Tom Brady be the The G.O.A.T. of the NFL?

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It’s an honor to be the Greatest of All Time when you’re Baaad…

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Whether you love or hate Tom Terrific, it is hard to believe that some football fans believe Peyton Manning was the QB of the decade considering Brady’s record:

01. Tom led the Brady Bunch to three Super Bowl Championships
SB XXXVI (2002), SB XXXVIII (2004), and XXXIX (2005).

02. Tom was the Super Bowl MVP in SB XXXVI and SB XXXVIII. Tom is the only Quarterback to start and win 3 Super Bowls before his 28th birthday: 24 SB XXXVI, 26 SB XXXVIII, and 27 SB XXXIX

03. Brady was the outstanding signal-caller of the Brady Bunch’s perfect 16-0 regular season in 2007. Tom set numerous passing records in 2007

03a. Most touchdown passes in a month: 20 in October 2007
03b. Most games with three or more touchdown passes in a regular season: 12 (2007)
03c. Highest total passing touchdowns in a regular season: 50 (2007)
03d. Highest total passing touchdowns in a season: 56 (2007)
03e. Highest total passing yards in a season: 4,806 (2007)
03f. Highest single-season quarterback rating: 117.2 (2007) 2nd highest all-time

04. Tom is the only quarterback to have 3+ passing touchdowns in 10 straight games.

05. Tom has the Highest single-game completion percentage: 92.9% (vs. Jacksonville on January 12, 2008).

06. Brady was the first in NFL history to throw for 5 TDs in a quarter (vs. the Tennessee Titans on October 18, 2009).

07. Tom has posted two Perfect Ratings (158.3) ~ at Miami on October 21, 2007 and the Thanksgiving Classic at Detroit on November 25, 2010

08. On October 4, 2010, Brady became the fastest QB to reach 100 wins in his career when the New England Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins 41-14.

09. Brady won his 26th consecutive home game when the Game of the Year became the Blowout of the Year in the 45-3 victory over the Jets on Dec 6, 2010.

10. On Dec 19, 2010, Brady set a new NFL record of 7 Consecutive Games with 2+ TD passes and 0 interceptions breaking Dandy Don Meridith’s old record of 6 Consecutive Games from 1965 to 1966.

11. Brady has not been picked (0 interceptions) for 10 straight games (Oct 24, 2010 to Dec 26, 2010).

12. On Dec 26, 2010, Brady set a new NFL Record for the Longest Passing Streak without an interception. Tom broke Bernie Kosar’s record of 308 attempts without a pick set during the 1990-91 seasons.

Brady’s 17th Passing Attempt to tight end Rod Gronkowski in the the third quarter set the new record of 309 attempts without a pick with 23 touchdowns in one season. Tom threw a touchdown pass in the next play and beat the Buffalo Bills 31-3.

At the end of the game, Terrific Tom Streaked to 319 attempts without a pick with 24 touchdowns in one season.

Obviously, Peyton Manning has slightly better career stats since he has played 63 more games than Brady has.

Stats before the 2010 Season:

Brady: 93.3 Passer Rating, 63.3 Complete Pct. in 30,844 Yards, 225 TDs, 99 INTs

Manning: 95.2 Passer Rating, 64.8 Complete Pct. in 50,128 Yards, 366 TDs, 181 INTs

2010 Season Stats:

Brady: 111 Passer Rating, 65.9 Complete Pct. in 3,900 yards, 36 TDs, 4 ints

Manning: 91.9 Passer Rating, 66.3 Complete Pct. in 4,700 yards, 33 TDs, 17 ints

Their career stats are a poor metric of determining the QB of the Decade.

Game Victories from 2001 to 2010 clearly reveal who is the QB of the Decade…



AFC Game

SB Game

Brady 8 4 3
Manning 5 2 1

Tom Brady Tribute

Miss Moneypenny

How does a team go from playing like the #1 Seed to playing like Peewees in Pop Warner Football?

11:09 PM Jan 16, 2011

For Music Monday, Superman (It’s Not Easy) by Five For Fighting

Music Video Background

Although Superman’s name is not mentioned lyrically, John Ondrasik wrote his song from Superman’s point of view. The contemporary soft rock song was released in 2000 and became popular after the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York.


I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me

I’m more than a bird:I’m more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It’s not easy to be me

Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I’ll never see

It may sound absurd:but don’t be naive
Even Heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed:but won’t you conceed
Even Heroes have the right to dream
It’s not easy to be me

Up, up and away:away from me
It’s all right:You can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy:or anything:

I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
Men weren’t meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I’m only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me

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