Welcome Back, Carter… Obama Misery Index

It’s Barack with the Obama Misery Index… Welcome Back, Carter…

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The Pelosi Obama Reid Misery Index has increased 62.7 percent from Jan 2007 to Nov 2010.

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Both Presidents won the Nobel Peace Prize. Former President Jimmy Carter won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize on October 11, 2002 for trying to bring peace around the globe from Haiti to North Korea. President Barack Hussein Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, 2009 for his War is Peace efforts.

On Feb 14th, 2011, President Barack Obama revealed his $3.7 trillion budget that will create an additional $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal 2012 if approved by Congress. According to Steven Mufson of the Washington Post, the interest payments on the national debt will force every American to pay $2,500 annually by 2014.

Apparently, the Son of Carter believes pursuing Obamanomics and creating trickle up poverty will further shape his domestic agenda of spend, spend, and spend more at our expense. The Washington Post unveiled how Obama’s spending compares to his predecessors over the past 30 years. Click HERE to view their easy to read Graphic Charts.

Special Delivery… Obama’s Budget Includes a $11 Billion Post Office Bailout after 57% of Americans believe that government bailouts were bad for U.s.

Loading Abe Obama
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Happy Presidents Day, Barack ‘Honest Abe?’ Obama

Ironically, Obama’s political idol, Abraham Lincoln is often hailed as America’s greatest president due to Honest Abe’s stance on Slavery. According to a 2011 Gallup poll, Reagan was the nation’s greatest president this year at 19-percent. The son of Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama received 5-percent.

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Congratulations, Barack Carter… According to U.S. News & World Report, President Barack Hussein Obama is the Worst president in history, twice as bad as George Dubya Bush.

Barack Carter: Can we afford a Third Disaster after History Repeats itself?

For Music Monday, “Welcome Back, Carter” Video Parody

Music Video Background

The Video Parody of Welcome Back, Carter was animated by Grey Blackwell.

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