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Beat the Heat

To Beat the Heat during the Dog Days of Summer, the witch doctor told me what to do…

Loading Heat Beat

Funny, how Al Gore’s Hot Air only warms the Globe during the summer.

Miss Moneypenny’s undercover Tip:

To Beat the Heat, don’t blow Hot Air like Al Gore this summer. For hot dry air, enjoy a cool breeze by placing a shallow bowl of ice in front of the rotary oscillator. Hopefully, this will stop the steaming hot air of Al Gore’s doggy doo since the melting ice will evaporate to keep you cool.

On July 22, 2011, the mercury hit 103 degrees in New England. The last time the Solar Sun scorched New England with 103 degrees was 1926. The only hotter day over the last 100 years was July 4, 1911, when the temperature hit 104 degrees. Was Senator Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Sr. (Dec 26, 1907 – Dec 5, 1998), father of Al Gore, able to solve the Global Warming ‘Crisis’ 85 years ago?

Cousin Speedcat knows how to Beat the Heat in Lake Hollydale…

Loading LakeCat Hollydale
During this punishing heat wave, Cousin Speedcat is fixin’ to be Buck Nekked in the Baptismal waters of Lake Hollydale.

For Music Monday, Al Gore Greases Global Warming on a Hot Summer Night!

An Inconvenient Song Parody(1) was performed by Janie Smith and Cricket Tisdale, Snappy

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