Obama Signs the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

The war on the Constitution was subtle from 1913 to 2001 but American silence since has signaled the Sheeple’s acquiescence to it’s demise.

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Under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-81), the government can indefinitely detain any person including Americans by labeling them a “terrorist” due to the ambiguous language(1) of Sec. 1021.
First, under section 1021(d), the bill does not “limit or expand the authority of the President or the scope of the Authorization for Use of Military Force.” Second, under section 1021(e), the bill may not be construed to affect any “existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.” My Administration strongly supported the inclusion of these limitations in order to make clear beyond doubt that the legislation does nothing more than confirm authorities that the Federal courts have recognized as lawful under the 2001 AUMF. Moreover, I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation. My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law.

– President Barack Hussein Obama on Dec 31, 2011

On December 31st, 2011, President Obama quietly authorized the indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 31st, 2011 while he was enjoying his $4 million taxpayer-funded vacation. Although Obama pledged to exempt Americans from indefinite detention, the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA legally declares the entire United States to be a battleground and Americans are potential enemies. Obama and future administrations can interpret the NDAA law differently at any time and apply indefinite military detention to American citizens.

Ironically, the Senate passed the NDAA Bill on the Bill of Rights Day, December 15th, 2011.

You (al Qaeda) can take away our lives but only Obama and Congress can take away our freedoms.

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John McCain & Lindsey Graham Justifying The NDAA Bill

Rand Paul and John McCain on S. 1867

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The Thoughts and Actions of a Dictator

I’m here to say to all of you and to say to the people of Nevada and the people of Las Vegas, we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will.

– President Barack Hussein Obama on Oct 24, 2011

The dangers of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 is the vague, undefined criteria of who can be indefinitely detained by the US government without trial. The NDAA of 2012 included any “person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.” If the government discovers a political candidate committed a terrorist act than his supporters who donated to his campaign could be suspects and subject to indefinite detainment. If so than the writ of habeas corpus, a fundamental civil right, can be voided by the the President who can also revoke The Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

As Senator Lindsey Graham declared, the United States is now a theatre in the War on Terror and Americans “can be detained indefinitely. And when you’re being questioned and you say to the interrogator, ‘I want my lawyer’, the interrogator will say, ‘you don’t have a right to a lawyer because you’re a military threat.'”

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Miss Moneypenny

The attack on the Constitution was subtle from 1913 to 2001 but American silence since has signaled the Sheeple’s acquiescence to it’s demise. (cont)

5:45 PM Dec 17, 2011

Miss Moneypenny

Will We Retire Obama—- or the Constitution?

9:15 PM Jan 7, 2012

Miss Moneypenny

http://flic.kr/p/eVyNNQ Are Americans celebrating Liberty or the Coup d’état of Obama? #Independence Day or Illegal Seizure #NSA #PRISM #NDAA

10:24 AM Jul 4, 2013

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Obama Signs the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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