Conservatives For RINOsaurus Newt Gingrich

Will Conservatives For RINOsaurus Newt Gingrich vet his Progessive Record?

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Has the CFR revived the extinct RINOsaurus Newt Gingrich from DNA (Democrats Need Authority) to implement their World Government of Global Oppressed People?

RINOsaurus Newt Gingrich supports a ‘variation’ of the individual mandate for health insurance. Meet the Press – October 3, 1993 and May 15, 2011

Gingrich was for global warming before he was against it. In 1989, Newt co-sponsored the Global Warming Prevention Act (H.R. 1078) which called for policies “to reduce world emissions of carbon dioxide by at least 20 percent.” –HR 1078

Three years later, Gingrich calls the environmental proposals in Al Gore’s book Earth in Balance “devastatingly threatening to most American pocketbooks and jobs.” [National Journal, 9/5/92]

Newt Flip-Flopped again after he and Nancy Pelosi urged action on anthropogenic climate change in their 2008 TV Ad created by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. On Nov 6, 2011, candidate Gingrich said “First of all, that is probably the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years,” during the “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“An end run around national sovereignty,eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault… one way to garner public support for new international treaties would be to propagandize world wide predicaments. If people are scared of terrorism, financial chaos or global warming they will be willing to cede their national sovereignty, freedom and liberties for global authority” – Richard N. Gardner’s “The hard road to world order” article published in Foreign Relations, the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations April 1974

Newt was the GATT Man for the CFR. Thanks to Gingrich, Congress approved the Uruguay Round of GATT in December 1994 which created the World Trade Organization (WTO) on January 1, 1995. Newt could have postponed the lame-duck vote on General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization.

In his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, he said, “We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization…. This is not just another trade agreement. This is adopting something which twice, once in the 1940s and once in the 1950s, the U.S. Congress rejected…. It is a very big transfer of power.” Newt knew GATT sounded the death knell for American sovereignty.

On April 15, 1994, the New York Times ran an Ad stating that “GATT is the third pillar of the New World Order.” The Benedict Arnold act transferred the power to regulate foreign commerce, a Constitutional Congressional power, to an internationally controlled body, thereby subjecting America’s economic interests to the WTO.

In 1993, Gingrich was instrumental in persuading Republicans to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Newt was the Grand Old Pal (GOP) of Slick Willy Clinton.

“NAFTA is a major stepping stone to the New World Order.” Henry Kissinger when campaigning for the passage of NAFTA.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller

“We shall have World Government whether you like it or not, by conquest or consent.” James Warburg – Council on Foreign Relations

“Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting it.” H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1939)

“I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet. And I’m doing it.
I am now a famous person. I represent real power.” – Newt Gingrich,
The Washington Post, January 3, 1985
For Music Monday, Newt Gingrich is Too Sexy for America – Too Sexy Parody

“You Can’t Trust Anyone With Power” – Newt Gingrich

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