Mitt Romney’s Death Spiral of RomneyCare

After six years of RomneyCare, the costs of RINO Mitt Romney’s Death Spiral(1) have skyrocketed…

Loading RomneyCare
Photo Credit: Miss Moneypenny
Romneycare has increased private insurance costs by $4.3 billion, increased federal spending by $2.4 billion on Medicaid, and Romneycare is estimated to cost $2 billion more than was budgeted over 10 years.

Eventually, RomneyCare like ObamaCare will collapse under the weight of its own costs and inefficiency(1).

In 2006, Governor Mitt Romney claimed that “the costs of health care will be reduced” after signing his health reform package into law on April 12th. Romney’s Remedy of “cost-effective” health care has increased Bay State health-care premiums by “108 percent higher than the U.S. average in 2006, 112.1 percent higher in 2008, and 113 percent higher in 2009 (no data is available for 2007).”

Due to the efforts of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, the growth rate dropped to 109.6 percent of the national average in 2010.

Romney’s Remedy or Big-Government health care scam failed to be “cost-effective” health care. According to the NY Times, Romneycare’s “popularity has given state leaders added incentive to make it financially sustainable.”

Romney’s Remedy is “a Model for the Nation?”

“There are a lot of reasons not to elect me.” – Neocon RINO Romney

Are Romney’s RINOs singing Sweet Little Lies, You can’t disguise Romneycare?


Miss Moneypenny

believes the Romney Mandate is different from the Ø Mandate

4:09 PM Apr 1o, 2012

Jonathan Gruber helped write Romneycare and Obamacare

1:55 PM Apr 12, 2012

increased federal spending by $2.4 billion on Medicaid

11:34 PM Apr 12, 2012

will cost $2 billion more than was budgeted over 10 yrs

11:45 PM Apr 12, 2012

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(1) The Death spiral or ‘Adverse Selection Spiral’ describes any insurance plan whose costs are rapidly increasing due to the adverse changes (from low-risk healthy individuals to high-risk least-healthy people) in health of the covered group.

In addition, an individual mandate (forcing people to purchase plans or face penalty like Romneycare and Obamacare to increase the risk pool) does not decrease insurance costs. Mandates only increase the moral hazard where individuals can game the system by dropping their high cost coverage and paying the individual mandate penalty since you can buy health insurance the same day for any pre-existing condition under Romneycare and Obamacare.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

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