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Marxist Millionaire Michael Moore Predicts Romney will Beat Obama

Marxist Millionaire Michael Moore, the Teletubby Televangelist of Socialism, predicts ‪Progressive‬ RINO ‪Romney‬ will beat Obama in November…

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Millionaire Marxist Michael Moore, the televangelist of socialism, is ready to Bounce Obama and his ball out to the rubbish before Barry can spread Moore’s wealth around(1).

Obamageddon: Obama’s Economic Record…
Jan 20, 2009 Sep 11, 2012 Change
Unemployed 12 million 12.8 million (Jul) +6.66%
Unemployment Rate 7.8% 8.3% (Jul) +6.4%
Federal Debt $10.6 trillion $16.048 trillion +51.4%
Debt per person $34,694 $50,967 +46.9%
Debt Burden on the Economy 75.2% 101.5% +35%
Consumer Price Index 211.1 229.5 +8.7%
Misery Index 7.8 9.7 (Jul) +24%
Americans in Poverty 43.6 million 49.1 million (2010) +12.6%
Food Stamp Recepients 32 million 46.5 million (May) +45.3%
Worker Health Insurance Costs $4,192 $8,008 (2011) +91%
College Tuition $5,976 $6,941 est. +16%
Home Values $185,000 $151,600 (Jul) -18%
Gas Prices $1.84 $3.86 +209.8%
Oil Prices $46.47 $96.42 +207.5%
U.S. Global Competiveness 2nd 7th -5 places
Romney’s Record as Governor of Massachusetts…

1. State Mandated Healthcare (RombamaCare)
2. First Governor to unconstitutionally institute Gay Marriage
3. Romney supported homosexual and transgendered education in public schools
4. Romney supported abortion with taxpayer funding
5. Fee Fee Romney increased Fees to support Big Government Spending
6. Romney Increased State spending 20.7% ($22.848 billion to $27.588 billion)
7. Government employment grew 7.2% during Romney’s tenure.
8. Romney’s net job growth of 1.4 percent was far below the growth of the national average at 5.3 percent.
9. Romney supports amnesty for illegal immigrants

Romney’s Economic Record…
Jan, 2003 Jan, 2007 Change
Unemployed 192,914 159,101 -17.5%
Unemployment Rate 5.6% 4.6% -17.9% (1)
State Debt $16 billion (Jan. 1, 2003 – A22) $18.7 billion (Oct. 1, 2006 – A24) +16.9%
Debt per person $7,551 $10,612 +40.5%

(1) Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth during Romney’s entire term. Romney took office during an economic upswing yet, Massachusetts’ net job growth of 1.4 percent was far below the growth of the national average at 5.3 percent.

In his first year as Governor, Romney increased the Gas Tax by 400% to raise taxes by $60 million per year.

Fee Fee Romney increased fees and taxes to the taxed tune of $740.5 million.

The father of RombamaCare has increased private insurance costs by $4.3 billion, increased federal spending by $2.4 billion on Medicaid, and Romneycare is estimated to cost $2 billion more than was budgeted over 10 years.

Michael Moore – Mitt Romney Will Defeat Barack Obama in November

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(1) Does Marxist Moore despise government subservience to Richie Rich Obama while Teletubby Moore lives Rich?

My Satire was inspired by the following news:

Michael Moore, the Teletubby Televangelist of Socialism, described President Barack Hussein Obama’s first term as a “heartbreaking disappointment” in an interview with Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5, Oct 24, 2011. Marxist Michael Moore stated Obama has been “running the ball in the wrong direction.”

The Marxist Millionaire vehemently denied being part of the one percent in an interview with Piers Morgan in a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN on Oct 25, 2011

Marxist Millionaire Michael Moore stated the Occupy Wall Street protestors (aka One World Socialism) are “against Greed, and we’re against the fact that one percent could get 9 slices of the pie and the other 99 percent are supposed to fight over the last slice of the pie… that’s unAmerican, that’s not Democracy.”

Marxist Moore bashed capitalism by stating it’s “a system that is unfair to the average working person”

In a roundabout way, Michael Moore admitted he’s a One Percenter on his blog. According to Celebrity Net Wort, Millionaire Marxist Michael Moore has a net worth of $50 million.

In his interview with Larry King on Sep 23, 2009, Marxist Moore claimed that capitalism is a failure, “Yes. Capitalism. Yes. Well, I don’t have to say it. Capitalism, in the last year, has proven that it’s failed. All the basic tenets of what we’ve talked about the free market, about free enterprise and competition just completely fell apart. As soon as they lost, essentially, our money, they came running to the federal government for a bailout — for welfare, for socialism. And I thought the basic principle of capitalism was that it’s a sink-or-swim situation.”

John Stossel claims Moore praised Barack Obama and his “spread the wealth around” rhetoric. If Moore is like most Liberals, he loves to keep his wealth because they hope Obama will spread other peoples money around.


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Marxist Millionaire Michael Moore Predicts Romney will Beat Obama is Vote Smart Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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