The Good Vibrations of Frito Slay Snacks

From Japan, Taitsukun (Master Tights) has revived Frito Slay Snacks…

Loading Phallic Press
Photo Credit: My [confined] Space
The Crotch Crunch that Japanese adults love to Munch?

Jonathan (orange tights) used kick ass humor on Pierre (yellow tights) to describe the simple flavor of salt and black pepper Doritos as an Adult taste(1).

Japanese Good Vibrations


American Good Vibrations for Music Monday

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(1) On June 26, 2006, Taitsukun (Master Tights) revived (Fukkatsu) the Japanese ‘art’ of Denki Anma (Electric massage).

Apparently, the Ninja Nuts Noogie may appear to be a sexual fetish yet, Japanese kids used Denki Anma (Electric massage) in fights, playing rough, or teasing about 20 to 25 years ago. Denki Anma may be similar to American kids giving someone a wedgie.

Jonathan (orange tights) performed the Crotch Crunch or Phallic Press on his Bodysuit Buddy, Pierre (yellow tights) to promote Taitsukun Adult Doritos (タイツくん ドリトス アダルト – text on top of bag) for Japan Frito-Lay, Ltd.

Ironically, the Japanese are using kick ass humor to describe the simple flavor of salt and black pepper Doritos as an Adult taste.

Translation notes: タイツくん (Taitsukun) can be translated as Mr. Tights or Mr. Pantyhouse.

電気アンマ復活 (Denki Anma Fukkatsu – the Vertical Text to the right of the Doritos Duo) can be translated as Electric massage revived or restored.

“Denki anma” is one of the variations of “Ashi-koki.”
“Ashi-koki” mainly attacks a penis.
But “Denki anma” also attacks the Testicles simultaneously with a penis.

The Good Vibrations of Frito Slay Snacks is Hump Day humor by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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