Michele Bachmann Loves RINO Romney

Web SuperGirl Michele Bachmann Loves RINO Romney…

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Yes, We Can Do It…
Elect a Progressive Liberal Republican to replace a Progressive Liberal Democrat.

Unfortunately, Michele Bachmann (Super Girl) has endorsed Liberal RINO Romney as “the last chance we have to keep America from going ‘forward’ over a cliff.”

Rhetorical Question…
Who is the Tea Party favorite (Bachmann) trying to fool by endorsing the Massachusetts Moderate and father of RombamaCare?

Recall Bachmann claimed that RINO Romney can’t beat Obama because Mitt’s policy was the basis of Obamacare.

“The signature issue of Obama is Obamacare. You can’t have a candidate who has given the blueprint for Obamacare. It’s too identical. It’s not going to happen. We have to have a candidate, a bold distinct candidate in the likeness of Ronald Reagan.” – Michele Bachmann

The Winds of Political Change Blow differently from one campaign to another.

Romney’s Record as Governor of Massachusetts…

1. State Mandated Healthcare (RombamaCare)
2. First Governor to unconstitutionally institute Gay Marriage
3. Romney supported homosexual and transgendered education in public schools
4. Romney supported abortion with taxpayer funding
5. Fee Fee Romney increased Fees to support Big Government Spending
6. Romney Increased State spending 20.7% ($22.848 billion to $27.588 billion)
7. Government employment grew 7.2% during Romney’s tenure.
8. Romney’s net job growth of 1.4 percent was far below the growth of the national average at 5.3 percent.
9. Romney supports amnesty for illegal immigrants

Romney’s Economic Record…
Jan, 2003 Jan, 2007 Change
Unemployed 192,914 159,101 -17.5%
Unemployment Rate 5.6% 4.6% -17.9% (1)
State Debt $16 billion (Jan. 1, 2003 – A22) $18.7 billion (Oct. 1, 2006 – A24) +16.9%
Debt per person $7,551 $10,612 +40.5%

(1) Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth during Romney’s entire term. Romney took office during an economic upswing yet, Massachusetts’ net job growth of 1.4 percent was far below the growth of the national average at 5.3 percent.

In his first year as Governor, Romney increased the Gas Tax by 400% to raise taxes by $60 million per year.

Fee Fee Romney increased fees and taxes to the taxed tune of $740.5 million.

The father of RombamaCare has increased private insurance costs by $4.3 billion, increased federal spending by $2.4 billion on Medicaid, and Romneycare is estimated to cost $2 billion more than was budgeted over 10 years.

The Policies and Records of Mittrack Obomney (AKA similarities between Obama and Romney) …

Banking on your Vote

1. Wall Street ‘invests’ millions of in campaign contributions on Obama and Romney.

The candidate who raises the most money wins 85 to 94 percent of the time.
The same Wall Street recipients of TARP bailout money who donated to Obama in 2008 are the top Romney donors in 2012.
As of Aug 31, 2012, Obama has raised $432 million and spent $345.7 million according to Open Secrets.
As of Aug 31, 2012, Romney has raised $279 million and spent $229 million according to Open Secrets.


Bailout and Stimulus
2. Obama and Romney supported TARP.

“… Killing all the jobs… and the TARP Program kept that from occurring” – Mitt Romney on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” 1/28/10.
Like Obama, who voted for TARP as a Senator and continues to support and defend it as President, Mitt Romney also continues to support TARP and taxpayer handouts (bailouts) to wealthy companies with irresponsible management that are too big to fail.
The Bain of Mitt Romney’s campaign is the $10 million bailout (a taxpayer guaranteed Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. loan) in 1990 to save his corporation, Bain & Company.
Obama and his administration has Failed to prosecute any Wall Street executive for financial fraud related to the 2007-2008 economic collapse.

3. Mitt Romney supported Barack Obama’s “economic stimulus” packages.

“I think there is need for economic stimulus. Americans have lost about $11 trillion in net worth. That translates into about $400 billion a year less spending that they’ll be doing, and that’s net of additional government programs like Medicaid and unemployment insurance. And government can help make that up in a very difficult time. And that’s one of the reasons why I think a stimulus program is needed.” –Mitt Romney on CNN late edition with Wolf Blitzer – Jan 4, 2009
Romney Flip-flopped 10 months later stating, “Their Stimulus ‘Didn’t Work.” –Mitt Romney on CBS News with Harry Smith – November 2, 2009

4. Mitt Romney takes the credit for Barack Obama’s bailout of the auto industry.

Deficit/ National Debt

5. Romney and Obama believe in Big Government as revealed by their track record of being big spenders while in office.

Romney’s record reveals spending increased 20.7% (from $22.848 billion to $27.588 billion).
To date, the National has increased 52.5% (from $10.6 trillion to $16.16 trillion) under Obama.

6. Romney and Obama plan to continue increasing government debt beyond the 16 trillion dollars National Debt.

According to Business Insider, Romney’s Plan will Balloon the Deficit and Increase the National Debt.
Obama has increased the National Debt by $5.56 trillion.

7. Romney and Obama do NOT support balancing the federal budget.

“We don’t need a constitutional amendment to do our jobs.” – Barack Obama Press Conference – July 15, 2011
Over the next 10 years, the federal budget plans of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will add trillions of dollars to the unsustainable national debt.



8. Obama and Romney have a poor record of creating policies to help Job Creation.

Romney’s tax policies almost doubled the tax rates of small businesses which prevented growth and job creation. Source: Peter Nicholas, chairman of Boston Science Corporation – Jan 6, 2008
Obama’s Policies have kept the unemployment rate above 8 percent for 43 straight months from Feb 2009 to Aug 2012.

9. Obama and Romney support the job-killing “free trade” agenda of the global elite Internationalists.

10. Romney and Obama accuse each other of shipping jobs out of the country.

Romney’s campaign ad claims that over 582,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. were lost to low-wage countries like China under the Obama administration yet, from 2008 to 2010, U.S. trade with China alone cost about 450,000 American jobs.
Obama’s campaign ad claims that Mitt’s firm owned companies who were “pioneers” in the outsourcing of American jobs to places like China and India yet, Mitt Romney wasn’t managing Bain Capital “outsourcing” was going on.


Federal Reserve

11. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fully support the Federal Reserve.

12. Obama and Mitt Romney believe in the “independence” of the Federal Reserve from Congress.

13. Obama and Romney have said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did a good job during the last financial crisis.

“He’s done a pretty effective job keeping us from having a total financial meltdown.” – Mitt Romney on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” – Jan 28, 2010

14. Obama and Romney supported the reappointment of Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

15. Obama and Romney oppose a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

16. Obama and Romney are pleased with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner despite his failure to pay taxes.

Global Warming

17. Romney and Obama believe in the theory of man-made global warming.

“I am not a scientist myself, but my best assessment of the data is that the world is getting warmer, that human activity contributes to that warming, and that policymakers should therefore consider the risk of negative consequences.” – Mitt Romney, 14 Questions by Scientific American and Science Debate – Sep 4, 2012
“Climate change is the one of the biggest issues of this generation, and we have to meet this challenge by driving smart policies that lead to greater growth in clean energy generation and result in a range of economic and social benefits. Since taking office I have established historic standards limiting greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicles for the first time in history.” – Barack Obama, 14 Questions by Scientific American and Science Debate – Sep 4, 2012

18. Romney supports a “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme (like Barack Obama) on a Global basis.

“I support it on a global basis. It’s one of the possible solutions that I am looking at. I do not support for the US alone. I’d want to do it with other nations involved as a global solution.” – Mitt Romney, Manchester, New Hampshire Town Hall – December 27, 2007
Romney Flip-flopped almost 5-years later stating, “So I oppose steps like a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system that would handicap the American economy and drive manufacturing jobs away, all without actually addressing the underlying problem.” – Mitt Romney, 14 Questions by Scientific American and Science Debate – Sep 4, 2012
On Jan 1, 2006, Massachusetts became the first state to set CO2 emissions limits on power plants under Governor Mitt Romney.
“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers…” – – Barack Obama, San Francisco Chronicle Interview – January 17, 2008


19. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama support strict gun control measures.

Obamacare / RomneyCare

20. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have promoted and passed universal health care.

21. The costly Death Spiral of Obama and Romney’s Individual Mandate is Not the remedy of affordable health care yet, Mitt Romney, like Barack Obama, believes Individual Mandate is good public policy.

Ironically, Mitt Romney‘s repeal of ObamaCare will eliminate the Mandate and keep the everything else in the law.

22. Mitt Romney’s RomneyCare was the Blueprint for Obamacare.

Police State

23. Mitt Romney and Obama support the warrantless wiretapping of the Bush-era Patriot Act.

24. Mitt Romney supports the Bush-Obama era DHS.

25. Mitt Romney supports the Bush and Obama-era TSA: “we need tools when war is waged domestically.”

26. Romney supports the NDAA and said he would sign the controversial NDAA, including the NDAA provisions for the arrest and indefinite detainment of US citizens on US soil like Obama did.

27. Romney and Ryan support strong>HR347 (The anti-Occupy or Trespass Bill) which restricts Political Protests and our First Amendment Liberties.

28. Barack Obama and
Mitt Romney believe that the federal government should be able to indefinitely detain American citizens who are considered to be terrorists.

29. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama believe that American citizens suspected of being terrorists can be killed by the president without a trial.

30. Barack Obama has failed to close Guantanamo Bay as he promised and Mitt Romney wants to double the number of prisoners held there.

31. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney support the controversial practice of “extraordinary rendition.”

Social/Global Policy

32. Mitt Romney and Obama have been pro-abortion most of their careers. Mitt Romney‘s “conversion” to the pro-life cause has been questioned by many. Mitt Romney has made millions on Bain Capital’s investment in “Stericycle,” a company that incinerates aborted babies collected from family planning clinics.


33. Romney and Obama are extremely soft on illegal immigration.

“my view is that those 12 million who’ve come here illegally should be given the opportunity to sign up to stay here” –Mitt Romney on Meet the Press – Dec 16, 2007

34. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have nominated extremely liberal judges.

35. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney oppose the Boy Scout ban on openly gay troop leaders.

36. Obama and Romney have “evolved” on gay marriage.

37. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney believe that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

“I believe in a two-state solution which suggests there will be two states, including a Jewish state. I respect Israel’s right to remain a Jewish state. The question is not whether the people of the region believe that there should be a Palestinian state. The question is if they believe there should be an Israeli state, a Jewish state.” Mitt Romney
Yet, Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser dismissed the two-state solution by stating, “The idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world.”

38. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney agree that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is a national security priority for the United States.

39. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama would unilaterally take the US to war against Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

40. Romney and Obama support severe Economic Sanctions against Iran.


41. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will Not eliminate the income tax or the IRS.

42. Obama and Romney want personal income tax rates at the same levels because they’re “low.”

43. Mitt Romney is considering imposing a Value Added Tax. Former Speaker Porkulus Pelosi also placed VAT on the table to help pay for Obamacare.


44. Romney and Obama believe that the president has the power to Declare War without getting the Constitutional approval of the U.S. Congress.

“I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now.” –Mitt Romney on Face the Nation – Jun 17, 2012
Romney was referring to President Obama violating the Constitution’s separation of powers with U.S. military involvement in Libya.

45. For the first time since 1944, this is the first election where both candidates, Romney and Obama, have never served in the military.

46. Defense Spending has increased under Obama from $616 billion under Bush in 2008 to $768 billion in 2011. Both Obama and Romney want boost Military spending.

Obamageddon: Obama’s Economic Record…
Jan 20, 2009 Sep 11, 2012 Change
Unemployed 12 million 12.8 million (Jul) +6.66%
Unemployment Rate 7.8% 8.3% (Jul) +6.4%
Federal Debt $10.6 trillion $16.048 trillion +51.4%
Debt per person $34,694 $50,967 +46.9%
Debt Burden on the Economy 75.2% 101.5% +35%
Consumer Price Index 211.1 229.5 +8.7%
Misery Index 7.8 9.7 (Jul) +24%
Americans in Poverty 43.6 million 49.1 million (2010) +12.6%
Food Stamp Recepients 32 million 46.5 million (May) +45.3%
Worker Health Insurance Costs $4,192 $8,008 (2011) +91%
College Tuition $5,976 $6,941 est. +16%
Home Values $185,000 $151,600 (Jul) -18%
Gas Prices $1.84 $3.86 +209.8%
Oil Prices $46.47 $96.42 +207.5%
U.S. Global Competiveness 2nd 7th -5 places

Wasting Away in Obamaville

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Michele Bachmann Loves RINO Romney is Vote Smart Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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