Boob Lube Job

For the recommended lift, please inflate my bumper boobs to 40 psi…

Loading Boob Job
Photo Credit: Original source is unknown

Boob Lube Service from the Breast Mechanic in Town

Is the Bumper Blonde looking for Bumper fluid or the reason for the tire marks on her back(1)?

Boob Lube Scam Caught on Tape

Loading Breast Mileage
Photo Credit: Bridget Lee-Shaw

Miss Uniroyal Busts the Michelin man

For the Breast realignment, call the Boob Mobile

Loading Mrs Michelin man
Photo Credit: Original Source is Unknown

Mrs Michelin man loves to Tread water.

With Liquid Engineering, you’re in good hands.

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(1) From Blonde Jokes…
Did you hear about the blonde with tire marks on her back? She crawled across the street when the sign said “DON’T WALK”.

My favorite Blonde Mechanic Jokes

A blonde drives her broken BMW (Blonde Motor Works) to the mechanic. After a few minutes of tinkering, the car is idling smoothly.
Amazed, she asks, “What was the problem?”
He replies, “Nothing serious here love, just crap in the carburetor.”
The blonde replies, ‘Oh that’s just fantastic… how often do I have to do that?’

After the rich blonde buys a new automatic Jaguar XKR Sport, she becomes frustrated that her sport car won’t move at night. After a week of driving her Jag during the day and unable to drive it at night, she calls the Jaguar dealers who send a mechanic out to her.

After examining the car and finding nothing wrong, the mechanic asks the blonde, “Ma’am, are you sure you are using the right gears?”

Full of Fury, she replies: “You idiot, how on earth can you ask me such a question? I’m not stupid, you know! Of course I am using the right gears; I use D during the day and N at night.”

A blonde came into the GMC (Garage Man’s Companion) shop and asked for a seven-hundred-ten.

We all looked at each other, when the mechanic at the Service Desk asked, “What is a seven-hundred-ten?”
She replied, “You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I lost it and need a new one. It had always been there.”

The mechanic gave the blonde a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like. She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had the hood up and asked, “Is there a 710 on this car?”

Yes, as she pointed to…

Loading 710

Boob Lube Job is Titillating Tuesday Humor by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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