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The Teacup Test

Do men and women see their world differently?

Tea Cups
Photo Credit: Note 1

What do you see?

If you see two teacups, you are most likely a woman who sees objects as they are…
If you see two boobs, you are a man who sees objects lurking in the shadows.

The Steampunk of Traveling Teacups…


Photo Credit: T-cup

Time for a Spot of Tea…


Milk?” Lady Booberton asked.

Apparently, the Teacup Test began in the Victorian Age…

Lady Poppy

“My tea will never Arse-over-Tit my Strawberry Creams,”
Lady Poppy exclaimed.

Currently. the bizarre Burlesque of Gothic Victorian Glitter Rocker, Emilie Autumn…

Proteus ElephanTITis

Proteus ElephanTITis
Photo Credit: Bizarre Magazine

For Music Monday,
It’s Time for Tea by Emilie Autumn

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(1) The original source is unknown.

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