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666 Chains of ObamaCare

ObamaCare is 666 Chains We Can Believe In…

Loading 666 Chains

Image Source: ©2012 Miss Moneypenny Satire

The 666 Chains of ObamaCare

Americans have the choice of Obama’s Blue Pill of Blissful Ignorance or the Red Pill of Painful Reality.

With ObamaCare, your obedience to Big Brother Obama is mandatory…

Health Link is an AD for VeriChip’s implantable Patient Identification Microchip. Sec 1173a of H.R. 3200 of Obamacare clearly states that the determination of an individual’s financial responsibility and whether the individual is eligible for a specific service “may include a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card;”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) commonly called Obamacare which was signed into law (Public Law 111-148) by Obama on March 23, 2010.

“The set of operating rules for eligibility for a health plan and health claim status transactions shall be adopted not later than July 1, 2011, in a manner ensuring that such operating rules are effective not later than January 1, 2013, and may allow for the use of a machine readable identification card.” – Section 1104 of Public Law 111-148

The key phrase, may include or may allow leaves the door wide open to other possibilities like VeriChip’s Health Link.

For people with chronic conditions and poor compliance to medication, Proteus Biomedical Inc. has created a digestible microchip embedded in prescription pills which is activated by stomach fluids. The internal Pill Spy sends a signal to a microelectronic receiver either in a small skin patch or implanted under the skin on your shoulder. The microelectronic receiver transmits a wireless signal to Big Brother doctors monitoring your healthcare.

Ironically, many companies are using wireless technology to create a health-care system to keep people healthier for less which Big Brother Obama was allegedly seeking to achieve through legislation yet, businesses like Denny’s has added a 5% surcharge and reduced employees’ hours to make Obamacare affordable.

Obamacare taxes equals Obamacare layoffs: 800,000 jobs at risk as we head Forward to the Fiscal Cliff of Taxmageddon.

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Whether the Administrator of Obamacare will ever issue a Mark of the Beast ID Bio-implant remains unknown currently yet, the Federal Data Services Hub should be a primary concern for every American.

The Data Hub is a comprehensive central database of personal information currently being established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to implement the federally facilitated health insurance exchanges by providing “electronic, near real-time access to federal data.” Like the NSA’s secret domestic surveillance reveals the abuse of the government’s power, the abuse of comprehensive personal information (income, financial data, private health information, and social security numbers) is tremendous since no government agency can keep accessible private information private.

According to the GAO, the Data Hub will be used by Obamacare Navigators, community and consumer-focused nonprofit groups, every day.

IRS to enforce unconstitional Obamacare

The IRS currently has complete access to our financial records and will soon have complete access to our medical records.

Rep. John Dingell reveals the true intent of Obamacare is to “Control the People”

Speaker Boehner on the Unconstitutional ObamaCare Mandate

Forcing you to buy anything because you’re breathing is UNconstitutional.

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666 Chains of ObamaCare is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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