Barack Obama’s Failed War on Poverty

Is Obama committed to cutting Poverty in half in 10 years?

If Poverty was the goal than Obama Won the War on Poverty.

Loading Poverty War

The Royalty of America?

Spending on welfare programs has increased 1,270 percent (12.7 times) since President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty on March 16th, 1964.

Obama’s Failed War on Poverty is revealed by the increase in the poverty rate from 13.2% at the end of 2008 (39.8 million) to 15% poverty rate in 2011 (46.2 million). In 2011, Obama increased the spending on welfare programs to $953 billion, a 42 percent increase over President Bush’s spending in 2008.

A recent Study reveals Obama rarely mentions Poverty or the Poor.

“We are more compassionate than a government that lets veterans sleep on our streets and families slide into poverty; that sits on its hands while a major American city drowns before our eyes.” –Barack Obama on Aug 28th, 2008

Apparently, Obama’s Wealth redistribution does not work for the Poor since Obama’s Wealth-Spread seems to only benefit the Wealthy of failing Green Companies.

$16 Trillion National Debt, Frank/Dodd, New Taxes, ObamaCare, and Stimulus Packages only grow Big Government at the expense of the Middle Class and the Poor.

The best way to reduce poverty is free enterprise not wealth redistribution. Economic freedom promotes incentives and job creation whereas governmental mismanagement, business regulation, and heavy taxes creates poverty.

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Jim Wallis asks Sen. Obama to Commit to cutting Poverty in half in 10 years

So in the faith community, we are wanting a new commitment around a measurable goal, something like cutting poverty in half in 10 years. Would you commit — would you at this historic compassion forum, commit to such a goal tonight and if elected, tell us how you’d mobilize the nation, mobilize us to achieve that goal? – Jim Wallis
I absolutely will make that commitment. Understand that when I make that commitment, I do so with great humility because it is a very ambitious goal. And we’re going to have to mobilize our society, not just to cut poverty, but to prevent more people from slipping into poverty. –Senator Barack Obama’s response during the Compassion Forum at Messiah College in Pennsylvania on April 13th, 2008

Deepak Bhargava measures Obama’s Poverty Agenda

John Nichols: Can Bruce Obama diffuse the Unemployment Bomb?

The Real (U-6) Unemployment Rate was 14 percent in July 2013

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Miss Moneypenny

> RT : Capitalism (freedom) is what lifted the masses out of serfdom >

11:53 AM Jul 20, 2013

Miss Moneypenny

King Louie XLIV and Michelle Antoinette costs 24x that of the royal family

3:27 PM Jul 23, 2013

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Barack Obama’s Failed War on Poverty is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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